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It All Started When…

We got married and about three months later we moved from the United States to Germany! It was a whirlwind starting our new lives together as a married couple and uprooting to a country neither one of us had been before. We fell in love with traveling Europe right away, all our extra time and money was devoted to it. A little over a year after moving we welcomed our daughter to the family. We were determined to continue traveling as much as we could. We quickly adapted our travel style to fit our new family dynamic of traveling with a baby. We soon saw even though traveling with a baby had certain challenges, it was not only doable but enjoyable!

While still in Germany, we decided to pursue a career path that would allow us to continue our passions for travel. After living there for three years we relocated back to the United States, welcomed a son, and prepared for our next move. We then moved back to Europe, this time Ukraine, and continued to travel the continent. Since then we have transitioned back to the United States in Washington D.C. Once again we are preparing to welcome another son and planning another move abroad! Join us for travel tips, family life, a supportive community, and the sagas of moving and living abroad!