White House Tours and Events: a Complete Guide

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Would it surprise you to know that anyone can visit the White House when they come to Washington D.C.? It takes some prior planning and maybe some luck but everyone who is planning a visit should try to get on a tour!

Since moving to Washington D.C., we have been very fortunate to visit the White House a number of times and partake in different events. We have been able to visit so much because we happen to know a couple people who work at the White House. They have been very gracious with helping us get set up with tours and tickets.

Some of the tours and events at the White House are things that are open to the public, and others can only be done if you have a connection to an employee.

White House Tours FAQ


Where Should I Park for a White House Tour?

Parking for white house tour can be tricky. If you plan to drive and park on the street, your best bet is to allow yourself a minimum of 30 extra minutes to drive around and look for a spot. You will also want to have the ParkMobile app installed and set up. The app functions as a parking meter, you can pay from your phone instead of trying to come back to a parking meter.

Remember, the further you park, the further you also have to walk. Make sure you allow yourself enough time.

If you are unable to find a spot on the street, there are several garages nearby where you can pay to park. It is expensive, but tours of the White House are free, so it makes it less painful to pay for parking.

  • Willard Hotel

  • Ronald Reagan Building

    You can also use Spot Hero to reserve a parking spot in advance. I always found this more expensive, but you are paying for the peace of mind of having a guaranteed place to park.


Which Metro Stop Is Closest to the White House?

Another way to get to the White House is to take the metro. Pay attention to where the entry point is for your particular tour. The tour you’re most likely to do is the East Wing Tour. McPherson Square is the closest stop for that entry point. You can use this app to plan your metro route to the White House.

How Long Is The White House Tour?

It depends on the tour. The East Wing Tour is self-guided, so you go at your own pace. We found an hour to be sufficient for us. You might spend longer on an East Wing Tour at Christmas time because the decorations are so beautiful and there is a lot to look at. Other events have different lengths of time associated with them.


How Much Does a White House Tour Cost?

Nothing! Every White House Tour or Event is completely FREE! Tickets can be difficult to come by. More details on how to get tickets listed under each event.

What is the White House Tour Dress Code?

There isn’t a set dress code. Each tour or event is slightly different. I would dress the nicest for a West Wing Tour, the Easter Egg Roll, the garden tour, and an evening Holiday tour of the East Wing.

The other events you can dress casually for. You are going to the White House though so you may want to look your best for the photos you will definitely want to take.


What are the Rules for a White House Tour?

When you get tickets for a tour or event, you will be sent a set of rules and restricted items. Carefully look at the rules and restrictions for your event! There are different rules depending on what you are attending. Some events you can bring in a large camera, other events no cameras are allowed at all. Read the rules and restrictions carefully-I can not stress this enough!

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White House Garden Tour


The White House Garden Tour is offered twice a year, one weekend in the fall and one in the spring. We attended the fall tour. This event is open to the public. the National Park Service distributes same day tickets from a tent on Constitution and 15th. You will need one ticket per person in your group, and everyone must be present to receive a ticket. The ticket will be a timed entry. We were able to walk in at our time without waiting in any long lines.


The "tour" is not so  much a tour as an open house. There is no one guiding you around, but you are given a program that tells you about different areas in the South Lawn. It is all outside, you will be able to walk very close to the White House but will not be able to go inside it. There is also some live music, the Marine Corps band was playing while we were there. You may bump into some recognizable people from the administration so keep an eye out!


We spent about an hour meandering around, taking some pictures and enjoying the scenery. The website for the Tour can be found here if you are interested in attending.

Halloween at the White House


In 2017 the trick or treating at the White House happened the night before Halloween. The event actually was moved a day due to weather (which I was glad for because I would not have wanted to be out there in the rain). I'll be honest in that, I actually have no idea how people go about getting tickets for this. I never heard of a lottery. I've heard military personnel are often given tickets but have no idea how true that is or how many tickets they get access to, etc.

We had a timed entry for the event. I requested the 5:00 PM time slot. I thought it would give us plenty of time with the light to get some great pictures, and it was also early enough that our kids would not be melting down before bedtime. I made the mistake of thinking because it was timed we would not need to be there early, that we would be able to just walk right in at our time. Wrong, wrong, wrong.


We arrived to the White House about 4:40 and were greeted with a long line down the street. We asked volunteers who were working if we were in the right spot and were told we were. So we waited, waited, and waited. By looking at the timestamp on my photos, we didn't actually start reaching the fun until about 6:25. We were very unprepared for this. We didn't bring snacks or a stroller. Our little one was wanting or needing to be held the entire time to keep him happy and off the grass (the people in charge kept telling kids to get off the grass).

This event is also outdoors and on the South Lawn. There were tables and displays set up by different government agencies along the path. Each one was handing out either candy, stickers, bookmarks, coloring books, postcards, or other little treats. There was fun Halloween music playing and the White House was decorated and all lit up.


The President and First Lady typically make an appearance and hand out treats to some the trick or treaters, but will not be there for the entire event. We did not see them while we were there. There were staffers dressed up handing out the treats, and they were generous with them! Each kid got at least three giant decorated cookies, and plenty of candy including special presidential M&M's.

Overall, we were happy we went but would've done things differently had we known what to expect. If you ever get the chance to go, my recommendation would be go to the earliest time slot, and arrive at least an hour early to wait in line. Parents of little ones, bring a stroller or comfortable carrier, and snacks!

East Wing Tour

Currently the White House offers tours of the East Wing which has various historical and ceremonial rooms. Tours have to be requested through members of the House of Representatives or Senate, the link with the information is here.


We have done this tour twice, once at Christmas time and once in the spring. Each was enjoyable, but if you have the chance Christmas is particularly fun because of all the Christmas decorations. You can take photos on this tour, but the restriction was no cameras with detachable lenses. Always check the restrictions for these tours and events because they could easily change and are different depending on the event you're attending.

The tour is self-guided. You are given a program with information about the different rooms of the East Wing. There is also a small gift stand set up toward the beginning of the tour where you can buy White House souvenirs. You may also be able to get some of the same things in gift shops outside the White House, but it is fun to buy from inside. There will only be this one shop, so if you want something go ahead and buy it then because you won't have another opportunity on the tour. Keep an eye out for all the different portraits of presidents and first ladies, check out the view from the Blue Room upstairs, and take your picture under the Presidential Seal at the end of the tour. Families with children are welcome to take this tour.

Here's some side by sides of the rooms at Christmas and in the spring:

White House Tour Side by Side Abroad Wife.png
White House Tour Side by Side Abroad Wife.png
White House Tour Side by Side-2.png

 Here's a couple more pictures from our Christmas time tour:

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Here's a couple from the spring tour:

West Wing Tour

This can only be arranged if you know someone employed at the White House who can set it up for you and take you on the tour. The tours are conducted after business hours, so don't expect to see the President sitting in the Oval Office.


We were not allowed to take pictures inside the West Wing, but we could take pictures at the entrance to the West Wing, inside the Press Briefing Room, and in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. We were allowed to see the doors to the Situation Room (not inside it though), Oval Office, Cabinet Room, Roosevelt Room, the Press Briefing Room, and we were taken over to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building where a large majority of staffers work.


I saw other tour groups with children, I would just advise to know whether your children can be quiet and respectful on a tour like this. This tour is really cool because you get to see where all the action happens. It almost felt like we were walking around a movie set because it is so hard to believe you’re looking at the real Oval Office! It is a very surreal experience.


The Eisenhower Executive Office Building is very beautiful, inside and out. While it might not be as exciting, you are sure to be impressed by the design and architecture. If you’re ever offered the chance to do this tour-do it!

Bowling at the White House

Kids with bowling balls at the White House bowling alley.

Kids with bowling balls at the White House bowling alley.

There is a bowling alley at the White House! The Harry S. Truman Bowling Alley is a two lane bowling alley that actually resides underneath the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Again this is something that has to be set up by someone who works there. We were able to take our family visiting from Texas with us. We had a couple hours to bowl and have fun. We were able to bring in our own food and drinks and we all had fun bowling, snacking, and marveling at the fact that we were bowling under the White House!

There was even bumpers for the kids and a little ramp they could roll the ball down to help them. Don’t miss the Presidential bowling photos of some former presidents in action!

whitE House Easter Egg Roll

Our family with the Easter Bunny on the White House lawn at the Easter Egg Roll.

Our family with the Easter Bunny on the White House lawn at the Easter Egg Roll.

The White House Easter Egg Roll is a long standing tradition at the White House-2017 was the 140th year! This event is open to the public via a lottery. In the spring the White House will announce when the lottery for tickets is open and anyone can apply. Results were announced about a month before the event. So even if you live out of town, you can apply and will have time to make arrangements for a trip to DC if you win.

The President and First Lady also usually make an appearance at one of the time slots, this year they came out around 10:30 A.M. You can expect other notable faces to make appearances particularly in the story time area reading Easter stories aloud.

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This was also a timed entry event, and after Halloween and reading other people's experiences we knew to be there early. We arrived an hour early and I felt that was a good time. Each time window was two hours, you have to leave when your time is up no matter what time you arrive. We were not at the front of the line by any means, but we entered the South Lawn about 10 minutes after our start time, which still gave us plenty of time to do all the activities we wanted.

The event included the namesake Easter Egg Roll, an Easter Egg Hunt, egg decorating, cookie decorating, lawn bowling, story times, coloring cards for troops, lots of characters walking around the lawn for pictures, hard boiled eggs on sticks, live music by military bands, and more.  We found this event much more enjoyable than Halloween.


There was so much to do, and not being held to a line once we got in the grounds was nice. There were some lines to do different activities, but we found that they moved quickly and we were able to do everything we wanted to do.

Just a note on characters: if you see one you want a picture with, get in line right away. They rotate out and the line for them may close as the characters need to take breaks. We missed out on pictures with the characters from Zootopia for this reason.


The weather when we went was chilly and it had been raining the night before so we opted for rain boots as we knew we'd be walking around the grass the whole time. My advice is to dress nicely-you're going to take pictures and you want to like how you look, but also be sensible! Especially about your shoes. It's a lot of standing in line and walking in grass. You don't want to ruin your heels for the sake of this :)

I was happy we had a stroller, mainly for the waiting in line before the event, and after when we walked to lunch and the metro. It also gave us a place to stash coats and treat bags. Also you do not need to bring your child's Easter basket. The only thing they would use it for is the egg hunt and they had baskets for the kids to use and then return after they were done.


When you leave the event each child under 13 will be given a goody bag. Each goody bag had candy and an official White House Easter Egg. I read a tip to exit through different lines so that you get different colored eggs. We did that and ended up with a green egg and a pink egg, so it worked for us! Not to fear though, there was also a stand set up near the exit where you could purchase more eggs if you wanted. They were $8.50 each.

We really enjoyed the Easter Egg Roll and would love to do it again!

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If you have any other tips or experiences to share, I would love if you left them in the comments below! Also if there are any questions I can answer for you please feel free to reach out, I'm happy to try and help! If you enjoyed this article, please use the buttons to share below! If you could attend an event at the White House, which one would it be?

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White House Tours and Events a Complete Guide! More at abroadwife.com #whitehousetour #whitehouseeastereggroll #whitehousewashingtondc
White House Tours and Events a Complete Guide! More at abroadwife.com #whitehousetour #whitehouseeastereggroll #whitehousewashingtondc
White House Tours and Events a Complete Guide! More at abroadwife.com #whitehousetour #whitehouseeastereggroll #whitehousewashingtondc