Best breakfast ever= breakfast on your private patio overlooking the Italian coastline.  Yep, our hotel was awesome.  They deliver breakfast each morning so you can stay in your PJ’s and enjoy the view!  We loved it!

We had signed up for an excursion the day before.  Our boat left about 9 AM and sailed from Positano out to the island of Capri and all around it.  We had a small group which was great because there was plenty of space on the boat and it was more intimate.  This was hands-down Hubby’s favorite day of the whole trip.  I loved it too, but had a little seasickness get in my way-again.  I get motion sick, what can I say!

Setting sail, ciao Positano!

With Capri in the background.
beautiful water

trying to feel better
Taking a dip in the Mediterranean.

We got to sail all around the island, stop at different places to swim and then also got a few hours on the island to do whatever we wanted.  We met another young couple on the boat that we got along with really well.  So the four of us went straight to the beach.  The boys brought some snorkel gear and snorkeled most of the time.  Us ladies just hung out in the water close to shore.  After the boat trip, Hubby and I had dinner and watched the Eurocup.

We left the next morning to go back to Rome.  It took pretty much all day to get back there.  We got in and went out to dinner to one more area of Rome that we weren’t able to get to earlier in the trip.  We went to the area just south of the Tiber River and wished we would’ve gone there sooner!  It was awesome!  There were tons of restaurants along the river along with carnival games, booths selling different items, and much more locals.  If and when we go back to Rome that will be the first place we head.  It had a really fun atmosphere and a lot of personality.  We only took one picture that night, and of course it doesn’t show the area at all…

Rome has drinking water flowing out of these fountains all over the city-make sure you carry a water bottle so you can refill it!

Italy was AMAZING!!! We loved every place and everything we did.  We will definitely be going back someday, and if anyone wants to visit there, we would love to go to Italy with you!!  Our next adventures will be with my mom and sister, and we can’t wait to add some new cities to the list!


Our final destination on our grand Italian adventure was Positano on the Amalfi Coast.  We took a bus from Sorrento to Positano.  I hear the drive was gorgeous with beautiful coastline and rocky cliffs.  However, I had my head down for about 90% of the ride, trying not to be nauseous-the roads are super curvy and the A/C on the bus wasn’t exactly pumping.  Ah the joys of motion sickness…

I felt much better getting off the bus when I saw the view.  Paradise.

 We quickly found our hotel, dropped off our bags and changed so we could head down to the beach.  The streets are lined with boutiques, art galleries, and made-while-you-wait sandal shops.

We found a small market shop and grabbed some picnic supplies and sunscreen.

Giant lemons were all over Italy!

Then we spent the day relaxing in the sun!  The water was beautiful, but our wading got a little cut short in the afternoon because we kept seeing jellyfish!  We saw probably 3 of them, and that was enough for me.  It was kind of cool to see one, and luckily we saw them before we got stung.

After the beach we went back to the room to get cleaned up and then had a car pick us up and drive us to dinner.

View from our room’s terrace, not too shabby.

I wish we would’ve taken better pictures at dinner, but when you’re in the moment, it’s kind of embarrassing to be the tourist taking pictures in the close quarters of a restaurant.  Anyway this restaurant was hanging on the hill, overlooking the ocean.  The tables were literally across the street (small street, but still) from the restaurant.  So the waiters had to cross traffic to get to us.  We both ordered pasta with lobster (me) and crab (Hubby).  We thought we were just getting pasta with some chunks of meat in it.  My plate came out with half of the lobster and his with a huge crab with the biggest claw I’ve ever seen!

You can kind of see my lobster through the wine glasses, and yes-I’m wearing a bib
Giant crab for dinner.

Another wonderful meal in an idyllic setting!  We had one more day in Positano before our trip was coming to an end.  The plans for the next day were to hit the high seas…