Germany is well connected to Europe and the United States. Frankfurt (FRA) is the biggest international hub. From here you can connect via plane to other European destinations or by rail to many regional locations.

Renting a car is another option. Driving in Germany is not so different from driving in the United States. There is actually a speed limit on most sections of the autobahn. Occasionally when signs indicate, the speed limit is lifted and drivers in the left lane are free to go as fast as they please.

The one thing drivers should note, is to not sit in the left lane. It is strictly for passing, so if another driver is coming up quickly behind you, be prepared to move right and let them pass. Also be aware that German police utilize speed cameras versus radar guns to catch speeders. If you aren’t careful about the speed limit, you can count on getting a bill for a ticket from your rental car company!


Must Dos

There is so much to see in Germany and much of it is quite spread out. Some of our favorites are:




-Rothenberg ob der Tauber


-Schloss Neuschwanstein

-Schloss Hohenzollern