More Sights From London

Earlier I had posted the first part of our weekend in London. I got a little busy and never posted the rest of our trip! So here it is. From our trip to London at the tail end of 2012:

The next day Hubby and I made our way down to the Tower Bridge and Tower of London.  Our handy 2 for 1 guide (which we got from taking the Stagnated Express) worked for us again at the Tower of London.  Right when we walked in, one of the Beefeaters was starting a tour, so we were able to just join the group and get a free and very entertaining walking tour of the grounds.

I thought the Beefeaters were just guys dressed up in costumes, but turns out they actually have very important jobs and it’s very difficult to become one.  They have to have served in the British military for at least 20 years, and they live at the Tower of London with their families.  They play very official roles in royal ceremonies as well.

My favorite part of seeing the Tower of London was getting to look at the Crown Jewels.  They have all the crowns, important serving dishes, etc. on display here.  These are still pieces used today.  You can watch a film of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and then see her massive crown that she was wearing right in front of you.  It’s jaw-dropping to see the size of some of the stones and diamonds used on them.  I can’t imagine how heavy they must be, and also how fun it must be to wear something like that!

We spent a good few hours at the Tower before heading over to the Borough Market, an awesome outdoor market filled with all kinds of food goods and hot meals.

London skyline at night

That night we met up with our friend and some other friends of ours that we met in Positano on our boat ride to Capri.  You never know who you’re going to meet when you travel!  It was a lot of fun to see them again and catch up.  We went to a restaurant called Burger and Lobster.  It was delicious!  They have 2 things on the menu, burgers and lobster rolls.  Hubby and I got one of each. Both were very good but I have to say I think the lobster roll was the better of the two :).

The next morning we started out with a trip to where else…Starbucks!  Anytime I’m in a big city now, I make a point to go to Starbucks just so I can have one of their fancy drinks that I can’t get at the local coffee shops where I live.  Our friend walked us around neighborhoods and took us to Primrose Hill and Regency Park.

Then it was back to Borough Market to grab some food.

After a quick lunch at the market we headed out to Emirates Stadium to watch an Arsenal “football” match!  We had a great time watching and getting to go to something that is so popular there.  Unfortunately they lost at the very end, but we had a great experience getting to go to a game!

Our trip was now complete.  We had to get back out to the airport the next morning.  We had a fabulous time in London, there is so much to do!  We felt like we did a ton, but still have plenty of things to go back for…Wicked…afternoon tea, etc.  London was probably one of our favorite places we’ve been so far and we’re definitely hoping to go back again soon!!