Snorkeling in Thailand

When planning our trip for Thailand, Hubby had one major piece of input.  He wanted to snorkel.  I think it’s safe to say he got his fill on it.  We were able to do a little snorkeling at the end of our Emerald Cave visit and we hired our same boat to take us to some prime snorkeling spots the next day too.  The snorkeling was fabulous!  Lots of fish, bright colors, and some interesting creatures.  We got to see a puffer fish, star fish, sea urchins, an eel, giant clams, and countless tropical fish.  One particular kind of fish was a bit aggressive and even bit M and drew blood!  They would guard the beginnings of the coral and you had to swim fast to get past them without getting attacked.

Everyone had a good time floating around and looking at the fish.  I was an apprehensive snorkeler up until just a couple years ago.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s really relaxing!  This is by far the best snorkeling I have done.  I’ve only done it a handful of places but Thailand was incredible.  Next on my list is to snorkel somewhere with sea turtles!

Bye Bye resort, we’re going snorkeling!
Life on the boat.
First snorkel spot.

These blue, pink, and yellow fish were so pretty!

No sunburns for this little guy!

“Snorkel god”