Emerald Cave

The second morning of our stay on Koh Mook, we arranged a boat to take us out to the Emerald Cave (as seen on Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor).  As soon as we got on the boat we strapped little lady into her life jacket, and put her on T’s lap.  Not 5 minutes after the boat started she was fast asleep.  Great that she got a little snooze in but then we had to wake her up once we got there which made her a little grumpy.  The boat ride was full of beautiful blue water and striking rock islands jutting up from the ocean.

Once you get to the cave everyone puts on their life jackets and starts to swim in.  The cave is dark at first, but you can still see what’s ahead of you.  Maybe halfway through, it goes pitch black, you can’t see anything but fleeting glimpses of your guide’s flashlight.  We were holding onto each other and bumping into one another to make our way through.  Eventually you see a literal light at the end of the tunnel and it’s a big relief!  So, how did we do this with a baby?  With a lot of help and having the guys take turns holding her up while they swam with one arm.  Not an easy feat, and a little unnerving in the dark.  I think I kept repeating, “are you OK, where are you, do you need help, is she OK?”  I probably wouldn’t have wanted her to do this normally but I knew my friend had brought her little guy through and that made me feel like we could do it too.

When you finally make it inside the cave, you are in this little hole surrounded by a jungle.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.  I’m not sure how The Bachelor pulled off getting it completely private.  Maybe they paid off the other boats so no one else would go in?  It was magical, but would’ve been even better if we were the only ones in there.

Getting close to the cave.
Getting ready to swim through!
Inside, the black area is the cave you swim in and out of.

Blurry picture, but happy baby.
The locals loved her.

At the end of our cave experience we had a little bit of an incident.  As we were all swimming back to the boat, K got stung by a jellyfish!  She was OK but in pain for a while.  None of us saw the jellyfish in the water until we were already on the boat.  Luckily neither of the little ones got stung, I’m pretty sure that would’ve made us mommas lose it.  It was a big brownish orangey one about the size of a volleyball.  So if you visit here, be on the lookout!  Thanks J and K for planning such a fun day for us! It was a very memorable experience!