Day Trip Around Bangkok

After several relaxing days on Koh Mook, we went back to Bangkok for a few more days before our trip came to an end. One night we went out to an elegant and unique restaurant, the Medici Kitchen & Bar at Hotel Muse.  The interesting part about this place besides the high quality, delicious Italian food was the intermittent opera performances right in the dining room.  Every so often a professional opera performer would come out and sing a piece of music.  The performances built as the evening went on, and the final performance we saw was performed by a quartet of singers and was absolutely show stopping.  It was dinner and a show in one.  It was really fun to be in such an intimate setting with such powerhouse singers.  I’ve never seen an opera but these vocalists made me want to.

Not a great picture, but you can see one of the singers performing behind our table.

After dinner we took the elevator up to the top of the hotel to enjoy some drinks with a view.

 The next morning we had a big day trip planned.  We hired a private van to take us around to several different spots.  The first spot was Ba Pa-in Palace.  In several of the palaces in and around Bangkok, women are not permitted to wear shorts or tank tops.  If you show up in inappropriate attire, they will happily rent you a sarong so you can enter the grounds without being offensive.  They were actually really pretty!  This palace was originally created in the early 1600’s but was destroyed by Burmese raids in 1767.  The palace was rebuilt and restored by a couple different kings in the late 1800’s.

Matching Thai sarongs!

After a stop in the gift shop, and some fresh fruit slushies, we were all wished a happy Thai New Year with swipes of white powder on our faces.  Feeling refreshed and laughing about our new facial decorations, we were ready to get back in the van and move to the next stop.