The Ayutthaya historical park was another stop on our day trip away from Bangkok.  Ayutthaya was a city founded in 1350 and was the second capital of Siam.  It was one of the world’s largest capitals by the 1700’s but it too was destroyed by the Burmese army in 1767.  The ruins that remain are truly stunning.  Hubby and I are used to seeing castle ruins in Germany but this was a completely different style of architecture and very interesting for us to see.

Still rockin’ the “happy new year” look!

Look closely, we’re on the stairs 🙂

Buddha in the tree.

When the Burmese army went through the area destroying everything, they would chop off the heads of the Buddha statues.  This Buddha wasn’t found until the 1950’s.  No one is sure how it became entwined in the tree’s roots.  One theory is that the roots grew around it while the area was in ruins and unattended.  There are several rules posted at each of these sacred sites.  One of those asks that people not place their heads in the place of a missing Buddha head on a statue, it’s considered very disrespectful.

Even though the day was sweltering, it was great to get out and see these different places.  They are so different than anything else I have seen.  Apparently these kind of temples and ruins are easy to find through out southeast Asia, probably similar to how castle ruins are found all over Europe.  It really added another dimension to our trip and I think it was well worth it to go out and do this day tour.