We left my friend’s house fairly early the next morning to catch the ferry across the Bodensee to Romanshorn, Switzerland.  From there we would finish the short drive to Zurich.  The ferry was a nice, relaxing way to travel.  We just drove on, had a little breakfast and cappuccino, enjoyed the view, and then we were there!

Daddy and baby girl enjoying the ferry ride
Arriving in Switzerland a little windblown

 Once we arrived in Zurich, we got settled into our hotel and then started out.  First stop was the grocery store to pick up food for a little picnic. We went a little overboard with how much we picked up but it made for a nice afternoon.

The view for lunch.
Our picnic on a bench.

After wandering around the beautiful city a while, we decided to go for a cruise around the lake.

Another boat and beautiful lakeside scenery.
The cruise was very relaxing.

 After the boat cruise we made our way to a famous chocolate and dessert shop.  We sampled some macrons, including a champagne flavored one (our favorite).  Then we continued wandering through the shops and streets.

Figuring out where to go.

 We made our way up to the Lindenhof which is a small park on top of a hill that has great views of Zurich.

Wishing he could get in on this game of chess.

For dinner we found a restaurant that specialized in traditional fondue.  I’ve never had it before, and since it was a local Swiss dish, we had to try it.  It was good, but very heavy…one try was enough.  The restaurant had a funky cheese smell from all the fondue pots but it was all a part of the experience I guess!

Our 4 cheese fondue with bread and potatoes for dipping, and Laron’s 13 CHF beer (AKA a $14 beer!)

We had our fill of the city, so that night we planned out a day trip to get us out of the downtown and into nature!