Mt. Rigi

Instead of spending another day in the city, we decided it was time to get out into the mountains and see what Switzerland is all about!  We drove not far from Zurich to Mt. Rigi.  We took a train up to the top of the mountain and hiked part of the way down.

At the summit.
View from the top.
Working on our wildlife photography.
First glimpse of alpine cows.
Alpine sunbathing.
Just casually taking in the view!
I love this sign, you have to decide if you want the young  man’s trail up (steep) or the old man’s trail (easy)
This cat came out of nowhere and ran out from behind us, I about jumped out of my skin!

We stopped for lunch at a small cheese farm on the mountain.

Some of the cheese farm employees.
Hubby couldn’t resist trying the house buttermilk, he said it tasted like “cheese milk”.
Lunch, an array of fresh cheeses from the farm.
Hiking is hard work.
It’s amazing how close you get to the cows, they are literally scattered all along the trails with no fences to separate you!
My friends, the cows.

This was a pretty easy downhill hike.  It was a beautiful day and really peaceful.  We were pretty much the only people on our particular trail most of the day.  It was fun to stop at the farm and try the fresh cheese and to listen to the chorus of cowbells all day.  A great day in the mountains!