Mt. Pilatus

We spent the day after hiking Mt. Rigi back up on a mountain. This time it was Mt. Pilatus.  We drove to a little town called Alpnachstad where we took “the world’s steepest cogwheel train” up to the summit.  The train has a 48% grade, pretty steep.  Makes for a very interesting and dramatic ride.  The summit is almost 7000 feet (about 1000 feet higher than Mt. Rigi).  Unfortunately we didn’t have great weather this day, but the views were still pretty amazing, despite the clouds.

There is a very nice welcome center at the top with restaurants, a gift shop, information, etc.  There is even a hotel you can stay in. We came up by the cogwheel train but you can also take the cable car on the other side of the mountain.

Lines for the cable car.

 There are a few short hikes/walks at the top to get different views out from the mountain.

Hiking up.
Going down.

Imagine going to church here, hard to tell but it’s sitting on a cliff.
View of the train we took up.

Walking through the rock tunnels, there are some old legends about dragons living in the mountain but we didn’t see any.
Afraid of heights.

In his happy place.
Pretty flowers.
A view of those rock tunnels we were in earlier.

After exploring the top for a while and having some lunch, we figured out our grand plan for the rest of the afternoon.  We were going to take the cable car down to the next station so Hubby could do the luge, then hike an “easy” 2 hours down the rest of the way to a little town and take the train back to where our car was parked and be in Luzern (where we were staying the next 2 nights) for dinner.

View from the cable car.
Did I mention I’m scared of heights?
Ready to ride the luge!

And so we began out on the trail.  Now even though it was a downhill hike, it wasn’t as easy as I had pictured.  It was a really steep downhill hike with a lot of roots, rocks, and paths that weren’t always very established.

Huge snail we found on the trail.
We went from hiking in this…
…to this.
Trying to hide my frustration.

There were some points where we thought we had gone off track and were hiking to a different town than we intended.  Sometimes the trails weren’t clearly marked so we weren’t sure if we were going the right way or not.  What was supposed to take 2 hours took us at least 3.

Finally!  The town was in our sights!

After that long hike, I was looking forward to a shower and some dinner.  But there was one more set back, we had left the lights of the car on and our battery was dead!  UGH!  Luckily Hubby was able to flag down a couple nice ladies who didn’t know how to jump a car, but were willing to help us anyway.  Thank goodness because it was about 8 PM and most of the cars in the lot were gone.  We could’ve been sitting there a long time if it weren’t for them.  We ended up having a 10:00 dinner that night but it was really good Italian food, with really good wine! Thank goodness because I needed a glass after that afternoon!