After two days trekking through the mountains, a leisurely city day was just what I needed.  Luzern or Lucerne is a gorgeous Swiss city sitting right on a beautiful blue lake.  The star attraction of the city is this 13th century wooden bridge.  Part of it burned down in the 90’s but it has been restored back to its original glory.  It’s decorated with vibrant flowers all the way down both sides and elegant swans swim all around in the water.

Some of the hotels and restaurants from the bridge.
Baby girl and I enjoying the view.

After exhausting our picture possibilities with the bridge, we stopped for a treat from Starbucks and some sandwiches.  Then we walked over to another famous Luzern site, the lion statue.  It was made to honor members of the Swiss guard who were killed in the French Revolution.  It is much bigger than I thought it was going to be.  It would be a very nice, peaceful spot to sit and take a break if it wasn’t for all the tour groups :).  Most tour groups have a guide who speaks quietly into a microphone and all the members of the tour wear headphones in order to hear what the guide is saying.  However, there was one group where the guide was carrying around a speaker broadcasting information for everyone to hear and disrupting the peace…rude!

For scale I had to jump in there 🙂

 Next we tried to make our way to a wall that outlined the city to walk on top of it for some good city views.  We found the wall but also found it wasn’t really accessible with the stroller, so we wandered into a city park instead.

We still found some pretty good views.
Giant clock inside a clock tower.

We continued back down into the main city center, grabbed some snacks at the grocery store and ducked back into our hotel for a little break and regrouping before dinner.  The next morning we were getting back on the road again for a short distance to finish our trip in the Berner Oberland.