We jetted over to the Spanish island of Mallorca for a long weekend in 2012.  It’s off the eastern coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.  We had heard that it was a favorite vacation spot of Germans and Brits, and I would say that was about right.  Our flight was full of people who seemed like they were in spring break mode, plus a group of excited men on a stag party.  They were so happy to be going to Mallorca, that they brought their own beer and boom box onto the plane so that the party could continue.  This wasn’t that amusing to me at the time as I had recently found out I was pregnant, and I had worked all week-I really just wanted to sleep on the plane.


We got into Mallorca relatively late and we weren’t staying in Palma (the biggest city, close to the airport) so we had arranged to take a bus out to our resort area Cala d’Or.  The bus seemed like a great idea at the time.  It was cheap and it would take us right to our hotel.  What we didn’t plan for was waiting on the bus in the parking lot for an hour for it to fill up with people, and then stopping at everybody’s hotel along the way.  This bus adventure took almost 3 hours from the time we got on to the time we walked into our hotel lobby.  Not so fun.

Nevertheless, after a full night’s sleep and a good breakfast in the morning, we were ready to hit the beach!  We decided to venture away from our hotel to this other little beach we had seen on the way in.  The local bus that takes you over to the other town was a cute, little, topless minibus!  A fun way to get from place to place (as long as the weather is good).
Cruising in the open air bus!

 We arrived at the other beach Cala Mondrago,  with just enough time to take a walk around the edge of the cove and settle in for about an hour of sun.

Right before the weather turned nasty.
Cala Mondrago

After this hour of decent beach weather, it started to rain and got very chilly.  I had prepared for this, so I put on my layers, put a towel over me and hunkered down under my beach umbrella with a book hoping the weather would turn around.  Well…it didn’t.  Eventually we abandoned our beach chairs for the nearby restaurant for some more cover from the rain.  Once we decided the weather was pretty much done for the day we hailed a taxi (the open air bus was not sounding as fun) and headed back to the hotel.  We spent the rest of the afternoon on our balcony with blankets watching the rain and reading.

View from our balcony, probably right before we ran down to the beach to catch some sun.

The next day was similar.  We stayed at our hotel’s beach, tried to soak up as much sun as we could, but when the weather went bad we retreated back up to our balcony.  The day we were leaving we had the best weather of the trip.  I stayed on the beach mostly, and Hubby went out for some snorkeling.

Lunch by the beach.

Beach by our hotel.
Our hotel.

Late in the afternoon, Hubby finally convinced me to give the snorkeling a try.  I had tried to snorkel before in Mexico and it didn’t go well.  I just remember struggling and swallowing a lot of salt water.  However, this time it was much better and I really enjoyed it!  It was fun to just float around looking at the fish.

One last look at our hotel and beach before heading home.

Before long it was time to head back to the airport.  We opted to hire our taxi driver from the other day, rather than dealing with a multi-hour bus ride and it was the best decision because it gave us so much more time to enjoy the day.  We loved Mallorca, as you can see the beaches are gorgeous, as is the water and we had a very relaxing weekend there.  We learned that “Cala” is the word for a beach in more of a cove and “playa” is a long stretch of sand, a big beach that you’re probably used to seeing.  We liked being at the Calas though because the rocks do give you a better snorkel opportunity and it’s a little less crowded than a regular beach.  We would love to go back, we liked our area but would probably try a new town just to see what else the island has to offer!  My only regret is that I wasn’t able to try the sangria!  Oh well, more reasons to go back…

*Mallorca is possible to visit by ferry from Barcelona.  If you have the time and want a relaxing getaway from the big city, it is a great place to visit!