Barcelona & Gaudi

After our long morning at the Sagrada Familia, we decided to try and squeeze in one more major sight.  We jumped on the metro and made our way to Parc Guell.  It was designed by Gaudi and intended to be an exclusive living community.  It was never fully realized and now is an interesting and unique park for visitors and locals alike.

Curvy mosaic benches.
Hubby and I are making our best “try to act normal” faces, as by this point we have amassed a large group of Asian tourists laughing and cooing at Baby Girl.

View of the Sagrada Familia in the distance.

This mosaic lizard is famous in Barcelona.  You can find many variations of him being sold in every tourist shop.
This building was not designed by Gaudi, but he did live in it for a time.

 This park has very iconic features in it.  It is really interesting to think about what it could’ve been like had it really been turned into a residential neighborhood.  It would have been a very colorful and vivacious place to live!  Gaudi has 2 other very well known buildings back in the central area of Barcelona.  You can buy tickets to go inside both but we chose to just take a look from the outside.

This is Casa Batllo.  Our photography doesn’t do it any justice, but you can see that the balconies are designed to look like skulls.  Also on the top of the building, it looks like a dragon or lizard’s back.  Casa Batllo is on what’s know as “the block of discord” because there are 2 other buildings designed in very elaborate, but very different styles.

The final one is La Pedrera or Casa Mila.  If you were to Google it, you would be able to see some images of the strange decorations on this building.  The roof is supposed to be the highlight.  It undulates up and down and has many intriguing sculptures.  It is very surprising to come upon these buildings that stand out so much from their surroundings.  They are right in the middle of the city, on main streets, surrounded by shops and restaurants.

Those are the Gaudi highlights of Barcelona.  You can see why he was so important to the city.  He had such a distinctive style and is thought to be very ahead of his time.  If you have any kind of interest in architecture and design, you would love to go around the city admiring his work!