Schevingen Beach Boardwalk

Less than a week after we got home from Thailand, it was time to hit the road again.  Normally we wouldn’t plan these things back to bad, but when you have the time off you have to take advantage of it!  I have been wanting to see the tulips in the Netherlands since we arrived in Europe.  The first year it was too quick to pull it together, last year I was due with a baby, so this was our “last chance” to get up there to see them.

We stayed in Leiden which is closer to the Keukenhof gardens (where the famous tulip displays are) than Amsterdam.  Since we had already visited Amsterdam, we decided to see some other areas and do some different things.  We drove up on Friday, but we didn’t get an early start so by the time we got to our hotel it was time for dinner and bed.  We had planned to visit the Keukenhof on Sunday, which was Easter, so Saturday we woke up and decided to go out to a beach town called Scheveningen-just outside the Hauge.  The morning started out cold, windy, and cloudy.  We rode our bikes about 500 meters down the boardwalk before I caved in and was asking to stop in a cafe to warm up.

Luckily, while we sipped on coffee and snacked on pizza, it did warm up.  The sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day.

waiting for the sun to come out

Once we had filled our tummies and warmed ourselves up, we were ready for our second attempt at riding down the boardwalk.

there were tons of surfers out in the freezing water

Heinekens with an ocean view

We spent the day cruising up and down the beach, stopping at restaurants and shops along the way.  Our little lady got to take her first ride on a carousel too!

We really enjoyed the little beach town and having a fun, relaxing day on the coast!