Amsterdam Day 3

The next day I met up with my friend and we took the tram over to a street market, and then went to the Dutch Resistance Museum.  It’s a museum that chronicles the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands and how the Dutch people responded and pushed back against the harsh regime.   It was really interesting and obviously very disturbing at times.  It gave me a much better understanding of how the Netherlands was affected, and what people had to endure in order to survive.  I would definitely recommend a visit.

After the museum we made our way to the floating flower market.  You can buy any type of bulb or flower seed here, and plenty of beautiful flowers.

After a late lunch, we found out the boys were done working so we went back to meet them.  Later that evening we met up with several of the other people working at the conference to go out for some Thai food.  Not everyday you walk by this on your way to dinner…

Note to self, make sure camera is in the proper mode before handing off to someone else…oops!

 Another great day in the city!