Amsterdam Day 2

My husband had to work during the day, but luckily for me another wife tagged along with her husband on the trip too!  So we stuck together while the men were working and did some sight-seeing.  We bought hop-on and hop-off canal bus tickets.  Basically it was a tour all through the different canals and through the city, but you could get on and off at any of the stops.

Replica of a ship used by the Dutch East India Trading Company
ship repair shop
Same windmill from yesterday.

LOVED the canal houses, they are so pretty and unique looking.  They all have hooks on the top that are used for pulling up furniture to the top floors.  You can’t really tell from this picture, but most of them are built to slant forward so that the houses aren’t damaged when hauling up the furniture.
Bikes everywhere, this picture is actually not a good representation because they are literally all over the city!
Westerkerk, next to the Anne Frank House, also the burial place of Rembrant.
Anne Frank statue outside the church.

Burial plaque of Rembrandt inside the church.
This plaque explains that it is actually copied from Rembrandt’s most famous painting The Nightwatch.
Carvings in the floor of the church.

I loved using the canal bus for a day to get oriented to the city and have a relaxing mode of transportation, but the tram is definitely more efficient.  We had tickets to see the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra that night so when Hubby was done working we met back up for dinner before the show.  We went to a place right next to our hotel on the Ij River.  Not too shabby.

The concert was held at the Concertgebouw which is a really beautiful music hall known to have superb acoustics.  We had never been to a concert like this, but we loved it.  They performed “Deutches Requiem” by Brahms.  When the music starts it sounds so perfect and smooth that it seems almost like you’re hearing a movie soundtrack and the musicians are just moving to the music.  There was also a choir for this performance and they were amazing as well.  We would love to see another orchestra performance, it was very impressive.  Btw if you’re ever in Amsterdam, there are free lunch concerts here on Wednesdays I believe.

Snapping a quick picture before the show.