Atlas Mountain Monkeys

We had a late flight out of Fes on our final day in Morocco, which left time for one more tour.  We decided to get out of the city and see some of the countryside.  We drove out to the Atlas mountains and saw a couple villages along the way.  But the real highlight was … Continue reading Atlas Mountain Monkeys

Highlights of Fees

The morning was started with another lovely breakfast at the Riad.  Then we were again picked up by our guide for the day.  He took us around to show us more of the Medina. Another beautiful gate. We also stopped for a group picture here, and while we were all standing there I felt someone … Continue reading Highlights of Fees

A Moroccan Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving in 2012 was not traditional but it was amazing.  We flew to Fes, Morocco on Thanksgiving Day for an exotic weekend in North Africa.  Unfortunately we were short one person because B’s husband M was unable to make it back in time for our trip due to some work complications.  But B was … Continue reading A Moroccan Thanksgiving