You Wanna Go A Sorrento? A no problem!

We got up pretty early the next day because we had a bit of traveling to do to get from Rome to Sorrento, and we wanted to maximize our pool time.  We caught the first train we could to Naples, easy and no problems.  Then from the Naples train station we had to go downstairs and find the Circumvesuviana train line which is a separate system from the Trenitalia system we had been using.  Luckily for us the timing worked out where we bought our tickets and the train was supposed to leave less than 10 min. later.  So we go down to our track, see the train there and hop on.  Once we had squeezed into the standing room only car, and the doors were shutting, Hubby said, “I don’t think this is the right train.”  Off we were, and we realized he was right, we got on the wrong one!  This train was not going to Sorrento.

So a local sees that we messed up and offers his help, “You wanna go Sorrento, a no problem!”  He shows us the chart that explains we want the blue line not the red line, but tells us in broken english to just get off at the next stop and catch the next train that stops there, it will be the right one to take us to Sorrento.  So we thank him, get off and wait for the next train.  Sure enough it’s the right one, but it is so crowded that there is no possible way for us to get on.  So then we start to panic a little.  Now what are we going to do?  What if the next Sorrento train is just as crowded?  Maybe we should try to go back to the main station?  When is the next train to Sorrento coming?  So we decide to go across to the track that’s heading in the direction of the Naples station where we started, hoping it would be easier to get on the train to Sorrento there, where most people are getting on, instead of waiting for another full train.  As we are discussing our options and trying to pull up train schedules, another local notices us and says, “You-a wanna go-a Sorrento, a no problem!”  He repeats this phrase several times while telling us we should go back to the main station and try again.  Stressful, and comical all at the same time.

Thank goodness for our helpful Italian friends, we went back to the station and were able to get on the next train “a no problem” and even scored some seats this time.  We made it to our hotel by about 12, which isn’t bad considering we got a little delayed.  The rest of the day, and the entire next day was spent lounging by the pool, reading, and taking in the view.  Much needed relaxation after the heavy sightseeing in Rome.

View from our room.
Mt. Vesuvius in the distance.
About to head out for dinner.
Tiny winding roads in Sorrento.
Beautiful orange trees everywhere.

Dinner on the water, love the ice bucket for the wine that hangs over the railing.
Dinner with a view.
Ending the meal with some limoncello.

Night time on the beach.

 Our hotel had a couple shelves of books you could borrow to read by the pool.  I borrowed one, and I’m not sure why but the thing just kept falling apart on me!  A section of pages would come out one after another until it was all completely separated from the cover.  Also at one point while I was reading I heard a snap, and felt like something hit my glasses.  I looked around and took them off, nothing hit them, but the frame just snapped.  That’s what you get for buying 5 Euro H&M glasses I guess…

Damage done in Sorrento.

Sorrento was a much needed chance to relax and recharge.  Though 2 days next to a pool lounging made my husband a little antsy.  Luckily we were on the go again and venturing to one more place before we left Italy to return to Germany.