The Tour of Italy Begins in Pisa

After our wedding we never really took a honeymoon, so this was our belated honeymoon about 8 months later. We took a 2 week trip through Italy. It was the longest trip either one of us has ever taken at the time and we started our journey in Pisa.

We booked Ryanair flights into Pisa because they were super cheap.  Ryanair is a budget airlines over here in Europe, they have ridiculously good deals, but a lot of fine print you have to be aware of.  We’ve heard a few horror stories about people showing up at the airport and getting some hefty surprise charges.  So, we were a little apprehensive about flying with them, but everything was great!  We had done our homework and knew we had to print out our boarding passes before, otherwise they charge 60 Euro to do it for you at the airport.  We made sure our bags fit the requirement and paid in advance to check a bag each (because if you try to do it at the airport it will be 100 Euro each).  Moral of the story: do your homework, read the nitty-gritty details and it will be fine!

Earlier that day the hotel we had reserved for Pisa had emailed some jumbled messages saying we would have to stay in a different hotel nearby because their hotel was having structural issues.  I had to laugh because the translation was a little rough and I just hoped we had some place to lay our heads that  night.  Turned out fine, the hotel we were moved to was just as nice, and…they threw in a free bottle of wine!

We were really only in Pisa because of the cheap flight, but since we were there we had to go see it’s star attraction.  We woke up early the next morning and had a nice little walk over to the Leaning Tower.

Good morning Pisa!

The tower just pops out of nowhere.  One second your on a side street of cafes and then bam-there it is!

Classic tourist shot:

Holdin’ up the tower.

Getting to the site early was such a good idea.  There were hardly any other tourists around, we kind of had it to ourselves.  No hassle, no crowds, no vendors trying to push souvenirs on you.  Just a quiet morning with an iconic landmark.  Next we were off  to the train station to go on to the Cinque Terre.