Vatican Revisited

My hubby and I had visited Rome and the Vatican on a previous trip in 2012, but it was our family’s (who was visiting from the states) first time. The best thing we did on our first trip to Rome was to wake up early to get to St. Peter’s Basilica right before opening time.¬† … Continue reading Vatican Revisited

Wandering Rome

After touring St. Peter’s Basilica in the morning, we spent the rest of the day wandering the city. The beautiful thing about Rome is there are churches, ruins, monuments, fountains, something to see around almost every corner. Not far from the Vatican is Castel St. Angelo. Exploring Rome can be quite exhausting. There’s lots to … Continue reading Wandering Rome

Trastevere Food Tour

If you’ve followed along with me, you may have read about a food tour we did in Florence. One of our favorite things we’ve done in Europe. So we thought we’d try another one ūüôā This time we booked a tour with Eating Italy Tours. Our party had 4 adults and 4 kids (ages 1-12). … Continue reading Trastevere Food Tour


In the summer of 2014 we had some very special visitors from Texas, our family! They met us in Germany, then we flew all together to Rome for four days. I never actually wrote a post about it (shame, shame)! So of course almost two years later, the details are a little foggy…oops! However, I’ll … Continue reading Colosseum


Best breakfast ever= breakfast on your private patio overlooking the Italian coastline. ¬†Yep, our hotel was awesome. ¬†They deliver breakfast each morning so you can stay in your PJ’s and enjoy the view! ¬†We loved it! We had signed up for an excursion the day before. ¬†Our boat left about 9 AM and sailed from … Continue reading Capri


Our final destination on our grand Italian adventure was Positano on the Amalfi Coast. ¬†We took a bus from Sorrento to Positano. ¬†I hear the drive was gorgeous with beautiful coastline and rocky cliffs. ¬†However, I had my head down for about 90% of the ride, trying not to be nauseous-the roads are super curvy … Continue reading Positano

Vatican City

We ventured into a whole other country-Vatican City! ¬†I think it’s the smallest country in the world. ¬†The best ideas we had for this day were to get there early and make reservations. ¬†We took the metro over to St. Peter’s Square and were there by about 8 AM. ¬†As you can see there were … Continue reading Vatican City

Sights of Rome

From walking around the city, we had seen this huge monument that we had to go check out. ¬†It sticks out because it is so massive and it’s bright white (and it’s apparently not a favorite of the locals). ¬†Rome is so interesting because it’s a regular modern city, but then you walk around the … Continue reading Sights of Rome

Colosseum & Roman Forum

The next morning we got an early start, sipped our cappuccinos at the bar, and headed over to the Colosseum. ¬†We bought a Roma Pass which let us skip the long line and took us right inside. ¬†No waiting=worth the money for the pass. Buongiorno Colosseo! We had planned ahead and downloaded another audio tour, … Continue reading Colosseum & Roman Forum

Rome by Night

We didn’t arrive in Rome until the late afternoon. ¬†So we consulted our favorite guidebook and planned to do a walking tour designed for nighttime, of some famous Roman landmarks. View of the Opera house from our room. We started at the Campo di Fiori, where we ate dinner. ¬†We ate off the main piazza, … Continue reading Rome by Night

Florence and the Foodies

Our second day in Florence we had something really fun and different planned. ¬†We booked a tour called¬†Florence for Foodies. ¬†It’s a tour based all around the local food-best idea ever! ¬†The tour we did met at the Accademia gallery, the home of Michelangelo’s famous David statue. ¬†The city has a couple copies of the … Continue reading Florence and the Foodies


Florence was a quick and easy train ride from Venice. ¬†It’s a city known for it’s art, culture, and delicious Tuscan cuisine. ¬†After dropping off our bags at the hotel we headed straight for the most recognizable building of the city, the Duomo. ¬†Construction on the basilica began in the late 1200’s and was completed … Continue reading Florence


After what proved to be a very long and a little bit hectic train ride, we arrived in Venice. ¬†It is a city like no other. ¬†We’ve been to a few other cities with canals now (Amsterdam, and Brugge) but Venice is in a whole other category. ¬†The best thing about Venice wasn’t a particular … Continue reading Venice

Monterosso Beach Day

Since we worked hard with our long hike the day before, we decided to have a day of relaxing on the beach. ¬†I could do this day after day. Rougher seas today. Going in for a dip! The beach chairs in Italy are awesome, they have these movable sun shades for your face that double … Continue reading Monterosso Beach Day

Hiking the Cinque Terre

We took the train from Pisa to the Cinque Terre, which is on the west coast of Italy along the Italian Riveria, south of Portofino. ¬†It means “five lands” and consists of five little fishing villages that are tucked up onto cliffs overlooking the ocean. ¬†When we were approaching the area, the train would be … Continue reading Hiking the Cinque Terre

A Bit of Bubbly in Champagne

We were on the go again shortly after returning from Amsterdam to the Champagne region of France. ¬†This is the birthplace of champagne and if you want to get technical, it cannot be called champagne unless it is made here and adheres to very specific rules (it’s a law in Europe). ¬†Everything else is just … Continue reading A Bit of Bubbly in Champagne