The Dead Sea

Our next day in Israel we took another road trip out to the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea lies between Israel and Jordan.  It is the saltiest body of water on Earth, so salty nothing can survive in it.  That saltiness is also what makes you float!

We only had two days to choose from to go out to the Dead Sea, we chose the day with the better weather.  It was sunny and warm but not as warm as I like it to be when I go swimming.  The breeze wasn’t helping anybody either.  We sat in chairs on the beach for a while, working up the courage to get into the chilly water.  It really wasn’t that bad, but I like water to feel like a hot bath so for me it was a bit too cold.

cold, cold, cold, cold
Once you’re floating it doesn’t feel so cold.

I was nervous to lean back, I knew I would float but it’s a strange feeling.  Like you’re doing a trust exercise with the water, “is it going to catch me?”  Side note that I didn’t know about before doing my trip research.  All the Dead Sea advice makes sure to tell you not to shave for a few days before going in.  Apparently it really burns if you’ve shaved too close to your Dead Sea swim.  Really glad I took that advice!

No floating for babies, but I don’t think she minded too much.
Salt crystalized on the rocks.

The other thing you “have to do” when you visit is get all lathered up with Dead Sea mud.  It’s supposed to be very healing and good for your skin.  It was chillier by the time we got around to doing the mud.  So instead of a relaxing outdoor spa experience it was more like, “hurry up and put it on!”  Maybe I’m a wuss, but I needed like 10 more degrees to be comfortable.

Again, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold.

Even if it was chilly, I’m so happy we went.  It was really fun and possibly a once in a lifetime experience!