Tel Aviv and Jaffa

My husband had to work for several days on our trip, so while he was working I took the baby out and explored!  We took a walking tour of Old Jaffa which is just down the beach from Tel Aviv.  It was wonderful weather that day, so we spent all day outside walking around.

We almost missed the tour because we went to the wrong clock tower.  We thought it was the tower on top of the hill sticking up from the church, but it wasn’t.  We had to do a little hunting to find the right place.

The right clock tower.
View of Tel Aviv.
Wrong clock tower.

All the signs in Israel were written in Hebrew, Arabic, and English.

After all that walking, it was time for a snack break and some gelato!

The next day we walked all through the city and to Hayarkon Park.

Swinging for the first time was a success!
We had lunch on a bench looking at the little zoo.

Our last day in Tel Aviv was spent bathing suit shopping for our trip to Thailand.  So we were in and out of malls all day, with lots of walking.  Tel Aviv was a really fun city.  I couldn’t help but notice there were burger restaurants everywhere!  Coming from Europe, this was unusual.  We had a couple burgers while we were there and they were delicious!  Much better than any burger I’ve had in Europe so far.  We also enjoyed the people we met, they were very friendly and helpful.  Israel is such an interesting country.  It was kind of a last minute trip, so I wish I would’ve had a little more time to research but we had a wonderful time!

Enjoying one last hummus and falafel plate before heading home.
Camel ride in the airport.