Tel Aviv and Jaffa

My husband had to work for several days on our trip, so while he was working I took the baby out and explored!  We took a walking tour of Old Jaffa which is just down the beach from Tel Aviv.  It was wonderful weather that day, so we spent all day outside walking around. We … Continue reading Tel Aviv and Jaffa

The Dead Sea

Our next day in Israel we took another road trip out to the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea lies between Israel and Jordan.  It is the saltiest body of water on Earth, so salty nothing can survive in it.  That saltiness is also what makes you float! We only had two days to choose from … Continue reading The Dead Sea


We had the opportunity to tag along with my husband on one of his work trips to Israel.  This was his 4th or 5th time going, but our 1st.  We flew out on the same day but on different airlines.  Baby Girl and I flew El Al, which is an Israeli airlines and he flew Lufthansa. … Continue reading Jerusalem