Nuremberg-First Trip with a Baby

When our baby girl turned one month old, we ventured out on our first overnight trip to Nuremberg.  Truth be told, I was pretty nervous about it.  I wasn’t sure how it would go, if she would cooperate at restaurants, if we would be able to fit the stroller next to our table, if she would cry at night and wake the other guests up, if I would be able to find good places to feed and change her etc.  But, it all went very well!  We were able to go out to eat without any problems, she slept fairly well in the hotel, and overall made it pretty easy for us!  Maybe that’s to be expected out of a little baby who mostly sleeps and eats but as a first-timer, I didn’t know what to expect.  Plus, our baby is extra sweet so we are spoiled :).

It’s about a three hour drive from where we are to Nuremberg.  After arriving there in the evening and getting checked in, we threw baby girl in the stroller and started exploring.  Nuremberg is a medieval walled city, similar to Rothenburg.  Nuremberg wasn’t quite as charming and medieval, but was a happy medium between medieval Rothenburg and more modern and big-city Munich.  We stopped for dinner at a local restaurant and Laron had to try the famed Nuremburger wurst  (little sausages which Laron described as “just like Jimmy Dean”).  It came with spargel (the white asparagus)  which is a hot commodity around here in the spring.  You can always find some very delicious spargel dishes on the menu this time of year.

Most of the time it’s served in brotchen AKA a roll, and you can get it from many different street-side stands.

After dinner we did more exploring of the aldtstadt (old town).  This was an old hospital that sits over the water, which you can’t tell because we are blocking the shot…rookie mistake.

We even found my favorite big city coffee shop, Starbucks!  I had to go in to get a little taste of home.  Here’s Daddy and baby girl hanging out while I sipped my coffee.

A travelin’ girl, happy in her stroller!

The next day we decided to visit the Nuremberg zoo.  Even though our little one isn’t quite old enough to appreciate the animals, Hubby and I had fun seeing them!  It was a great zoo with a lot to see, I don’t think we made it to everything and we were there all day long.

They even had a dolphin show!  Can’t compare to SeaWorld, but it was fun!

 When we got back into the main city for dinner, we strolled through the handwerkerhof, which is a small area of quaint shops that sell more handicraft type stuff.  Basically just cute little shops.

The next morning before we headed off to the Nazi Party Rally Grounds and museum, we had a little fun taking pictures of our sweetie.  There are many more, but I’ll just give you one for now.

So the rest of the day we spent at the museum that documents the rise of Nazi power in the years leading up to and through World War II.  It’s on the site where Hitler had a huge grounds where Nazi party rallies were held each year.  He had intended to build much more there but it was never fully completed.  There are some eerie shots of the grounds in use.

Both pictures are from wikipedia, and here’s the link if you’re curious about the grounds

The museum was a great rainy day activity.  Although these sites can sometimes be very somber, it’s so educational and visiting places like here, Dachau, and now Normandy (more on that later) has really broadened our understanding of the time and how and why things happened.  Nuremberg was also the site of the war trials.  We had hoped to visit the courtroom where they were held, but ran out of time.  Things move a bit slower with a baby in tow 🙂

The final morning before we left, I had one mission.  To get some lebkuchen or gingerbread.  Nuremberg is famous for it’s lebkuchen so I had to try some, whether it was Christmas season or not.  I’m so glad we did try some because it was delicious!  I don’t even have any pictures of it because it didn’t last very long.  I am seriously contemplating another trip out there in December for more!

This looks just like what we bought, yum!-picture link

Here’s my advice for your first trip with a baby:

*Pick a destination within driving distance. This will allow you to pack pretty much any baby gadget you want without worrying about room in a suitcase or a weight limit. Driving also allows your schedule to be more flexible. If you are running a little late because the baby spits up, no big deal. If you need to pull over to feed the baby, no big deal. You also have the privacy of your car for nursing, diaper changes, etc. if you’re a little nervous about doing these things under the watchful eye of strangers.

*Make flexible hotel accommodations. Chose a reservation that can be cancelled up until a day before your trip. That way if you’re not feeling ready, you just aren’t getting enough sleep, you can cancel the trip without losing your money.

*Do not over schedule yourself. Leave your itinerary open. Have an idea of a few big things you want to do, and just go with the flow. Don’t add to your stress level by booking a bunch of tours, reservations, etc. Allow yourself to take your time and explore at a leisurely pace while you get used to what it’s like to travel with a tiny human who needs frequent stops.

*When in doubt, Starbucks is an excellent place for a nursing session. I went in there more than once to nurse. It’s warm, there is a bathroom that likely has a changing table (something that can be hard to find), your husband can sip a drink while you nurse ,and you can reward yourself when you’re done!

*Take pictures. Babies grow fast and you’ll want to remember just how precious and tiny they were!