Munich Bike Tour & Dachau

We left Rothenburg and started on our way to Dachau, the concentration camp memorial site outside of Munich.  As you can imagine, visiting the site is a combination of sadness, horror, and astonishment.  They have done an amazing job putting together exhibits and explanations in the museum that take you from the beginnings of the Nazi’s rise to power all the way through the liberation of the camp.  We only spent a few hours here and it was not enough time to read everything in the museum.  You really could spend a whole day here.  It’s very surreal to walk the grounds knowing what happened here, and scary to think this occurred in our grandparent’s lifetime.

 Gate of the camp reads “work makes you free.”
Memorial statue.
This building houses the museum, I believe it was used for in-processing and offices.
This building is a reconstruction of one barracks building.  You can go inside for a look of how prisoners lived.
A reconstruction of bunks, there were rooms and rooms of bunks packed in as much as they could.
Former foundations of the rest of the barracks.

 You may think at first that you wouldn’t want to visit because of how depressing the thought of the place is.  However, I feel that it is such an important part of history, and just because it’s unpleasant doesn’t mean it should be ignored.  There is so much to learn here, and it will deepen your understanding and empathy for the people who lived and died through this horrific time.

Now onto the rest of the day!  Remember back in March when we had all our friends visit and we went for an awesome bike tour through Munich?  Well, it was so awesome that we decided to do it again with my mom and sister!  We got lucky because we were the only ones who showed up that day, so we basically had a private tour of Munich!

A little pre-tour initiation of doing the dance that cured the plague in Munich (and is done in mass every 7 years to keep the plague away).

Ready to roll!
Hofbrau Haus

Back inside the Theatine church that lies near Odeonsplatz.  I must say I appreciated it’s beauty more the second time.  We have been in our fair share of churches and cathedrals since being here.  This one is unlike any other we’ve seen.  The intricate carvings and pure white interior are striking.

What I can only remember as the “Tina Turner Church.”
Fun weinfest on Odeonsplatz
Inside the English Garden.

This is where we ran into a little hiccup.  Just as we pulled into the Chinese beer garden in the park, it started to massively downpour.  We decided to forgo the beer break and try to ride to some shelter to wait out the storm.  Thank goodness our guide Melissa, came prepared with ponchos, though I was still soaked to the bone.  The rain finally died down and we were able to finish our tour.

We capped off the night with beers in the Hofbrau Haus. Well some of us ordered lemonade and wine in the most famous beer hall in the beer drinking capital of the world-just sayin’ Mom & Sis.

We love Munich, the bike tour was fun even on the second go ’round.  And we were even able to see the grounds getting all set up for Oktoberfest in a few short weeks.