Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival

The month of October was full of pumpkin festivities for us in Germany.  We started out the month by a rainy trip to the local pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.  I actually went to this pumpkin patch last year with my Pre-K class.  It’s the only pumpkin patch in our local area.  They also have a farm and last year the kids got to tour it and see all the animals including the baby cows!  You can also buy pumpkins at the commissary, but it’s more fun to go out and cut them off the vine yourself!  Unfortunately the day we went, it was pretty rainy and muddy.  But we didn’t let that stop us!

The girls were troopers out in the rain.

A pumpkin for each of us!
 Then of course we had to do a photo shoot with the pumpkins 🙂

A couple weekends before Halloween, we drove out to Ludwigsburg for their pumpkin festival.  The festival takes place on the grounds of the Ludwigsburg Palace.  It was the home of dukes and kings of Wuttermberg and was never destroyed in World War II.  We didn’t go into the palace itself but the grounds are expansive and have so many different features.  We kept stumbling upon new things around every corner!  The festival also claims to be the largest pumpkin exhibition in the world.  We had a great time, hopefully we can go back again next year.


We brought along little lady’s costume so we could get a good Halloween shot too.  I think the locals thought we were strange dressing our baby up like this.
This year’s theme was sports-check out the giant pumpkin boxers!
Pumpkin carving artist at work.

 There were displays of any different variety of pumpkin you could think of from places all over the world.  Including this “apple” pumpkin from the good ol’ U.S. of A!

Every year there is a contest for Europe’s largest pumpkin.  And here is this year’s winner!

The beautiful weather that day really brought out the crowds.

Of course we sampled some of the different pumpkin dishes that were being served up for the festival. We started of with pumpkin flamkuchen.  It got devoured before we thought about taking a picture though.  A flamkuchen is a cross between a pizza and a crepe.  It’s a very delicious treat normally served up with sour cream, ham, and onion.  Later, we grabbed pumpkin soup, a rice dish with pumpkin (reminded me of paella), and pumpkin sekt (German sparkling wine).

There were many impressive displays of sports themed pumpkin sculptures including skiers, basketball players, and a huge swimmer.  I didn’t do a very good job at capturing it all, but here are some more of the cute pumpkin displays from around the festival.

Rapunzel’s castle in the background, you can even see her hair being lowered down.

 As I said before, there were so many different aspects to the gardens that were fun to explore.  We found an underground tunnel with lights and a little creek running through it.

An aviary with many different birds including flamingos…

There were gardens growing grapes,

A petting zoo, and a small sheep pen.

As seen before there was a small castle tower in the garden and when the kids at the bottom yell for Rapunzel to let down her hair, a braid lowers.

There was a carousel, and even a small amusement park also attached to the gardens.  There were so many things there to entertain you that we weren’t expecting when we first arrived.

Happy group leaving the festival, see you next year!

It was a fun filled month!  Fall is coming to a close in Germany and we’re moving right into winter and Christmas Market season!  Can’t wait!