Last Day in Berlin

Our time in Berlin was coming to a close, and this is how we spent our final day.  We walked over to the “Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe”  the site dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust.  The art installation that sits on this city block is made up of concrete blocks, each one slightly different from all the other ones.  We passed by it on our tour the day before but weren’t able to really explore it because we used the break to take care of some baby stuff.  Looking at it from the edge you don’t realize the size of some of the blocks. As you walk into it you begin to almost disappear.

Right next to this happens to be the United States Embassy, and what do you know know they had a special bear too, dressed like Lady Liberty!

It was our favorite bear in Berlin.

 Right down the street from the embassy is the Brandenburg Gate.  We didn’t get a chance for the family photo on the tour so we had to snap one before we left!  After that we found our way to the nearby Starbucks and sipped on coffee while people watching on the platz.

The famous ampelmann crossing symbol.

All that was left was to grab a few souvenirs and head back to the train station.  We ended up in another sticky train situation that made our departure a little stressful but in the end it turned out OK. Overall I found Berlin to be a very clean, walkable, and enjoyable city.  Berlin is very modern, but has such a deep history.  The city is still rebuilding after its tumultuous past.  The Berlin Wall came down in our lifetime and it’s rare-especially in Europe-to see the effects of historic events like that happening in front of your eyes.  Most people who’ve been to Berlin have plenty of good things to say about it and I can definitely see why!