Christmas Markets

In Germany, right after Thanksgiving begins the anticipated Christmas Market season.  Cities all over Germany have festivals to celebrate the season.  Last year we visited Cologne and Dusseldorf for their Christmas Markets.  This year we stuck with some smaller more local villages.  The first was Bernkastel-Keus.  We had visited earlier in the year for a wine festival and liked it so much, we decided to go back!

To keep you warm while you wander the town through the cold, it is practically mandatory that you get a glass of gluhwein (hot mulled wine).  They come in special glasses that would actually make great gifts or souvenirs.  Honestly it’s not my favorite drink, but it does warm you up!

Giant Christmas Pyramid, these are very typical decorations here.  Most of the time they have places for candles, and the heat from the flame makes the fan on top spin.

The other market we went to was in Sankt Wendel.  First stop was the medieval market area, where they kept the camels!  Part of this market was Middle Eastern themed, and you could see the three kings in costume tending to their camels.

Some Middle Eastern snacks near the tea tent.  They even had mint tea like we had in Morocco!
Blacksmith hard at work.

This market also featured a small toboggan run, with snow from the Alps!  The kids seemed to be having a great time.

In Germany Santa wears Addidas sneakers.
Santa’s reindeer.

 Every afternoon there is a parade through town.  The three kings ride the camels, there are jugglers, people playing instruments, etc.  It’s pretty exciting to see the camel parade come by!

Both markets were a lot of fun.  I would happily return to both!  I hear Sankt Wendel has a great Easter Market as well, but we will be gone during it.  Christmas Markets in Germany are a wonderful way to really get into the Christmas spirit.  It’s so nice to spend time in a decorated village, hanging out with your friends and family over some gluhwein than it is to rush around a crowded mall buying presents.  I think America should adopt Christmas Markets, the Europeans are really onto something here!