Bike Tour Through Munich

n honor of Oktoberfest, I found this post about our first visit to Munich in 2012.  It centers around the bike tour we did.  Bike tours are common in big European cities and I highly recommend them as a fun way to get an overview of the city you’re visiting!

Our next stop on this crazy journey was to Munich.  On our way there, we booked a bike tour of the city, which was the best idea ever.  We met at the Marienplatz in the city center.

In front of the Glockenspiel, which is essentially a giant cuckoo clock, it only goes off a couple times a day though.
Close-up, we found out that those little guys are doing a dance thought to keep the plague away, and apparently every 7 years actual people do this dance in the square several times a day in the winter to keep the plague away/keep up the tradition.
The owner of Lenny’s bike tours, who wasn’t our guide because he was leading around a group of Brits on a bachelor party (it was hilarious, great idea for a bachelor party).

After a brief background of German history and the Marienplatz, Tom (our tour guide) got us all set up with our beach cruisers.

Getting ready to ride!  Bike tour tip #1-don’t bring a purse, I thought there would be a basket on the bike-there wasn’t.
Getting reacquainted with riding a bike.

 And we were off!   The beginning of the tour was through the city, on city streets with cars and pedestrians. A little hectic, but we made it.
I did not hit this lady, but ask my hubby if he hit a lady…
World famous Hofbrau Haus in the background, started as a brewery for the royal family way back when (also a place where Hitler held meetings to spread his ideas) now just a super popular beer hall.

All that stone work in the background is painted on
Beautiful church built by a king (I forgot which one) who promised to build, it if God gave him a son.

Rubbing the face for good luck.
Hitler gave speeches from these steps, it is so creepy to be in the same place where he once stood.
Dodger’s Alley where people not wanting to salute Hitler would pass through to get to the other side.
English Garten, this is the nudist meadow…that’s right nudist! There were a few out that day!
Pretty river that flows through the English Garten (which is bigger than Central Park).

Midway through the tour we stopped at the Chinese Tower beer garden (2nd largest beer garden in the world).

We were all having so much fun on this tour, as you can tell by the following pictures:

Group shot!

Next stop was a place in the park where people surf this wave on the river.  I’ve never seen anything like it before.  It’s very dangerous, because if you fall the wrong way and hit the concrete slab below, it’s not good.  There are guys lined up on each side of the river, and they take turns riding the wave.  When they fall, they just climb out and get at the end of the line and wait for their next turn.  Can you imagine seeing people surfing in the middle of Central Park?  It’s crazy!

Right about now is where our camera ran out of battery.  I need to get some of the pictures from the group of what we did later this night.  But basically, this is what you need to know, if you’re in a new city and they have a bike tour, you should do it!  At least try it one time.  Since this tour, we have booked ourselves on another bike tour of a different city, and 2 of our friends have bought bikes.  Pretty good sign that it was a success!