Berlin Walking Tour

On our second day in Berlin, the six of us set out on a walking tour of the city.  We started out near Museum Island, which my husband and I were quite familiar with from the day before.  Our guide Darren was an Irish post-grad student studying German history here in Berlin.  He was a great guide, he had so much knowledge and was able to really put things into a context where they were easy to understand.  Tours are all about the guide, and we lucked out with this one!

We started out in the same Museum Island area that we had been the day prior.  Our guide wound us through Berlin’s big sites and historic tales.  We learned so much from him and were able to really get an understanding of the city’s history.

Trying to keep up with the group walking through the Brandenburg Gate.
The ending point of the tour in a beautiful platz.
Baby Girl had to put on her bear suit to keep warm!

After the tour we made a detour into a chocolate shop to look around.

Giant chocolate Titanic.
Chocolate Brandenburg Gate.

After looking at all that chocolate we needed to sit down for some kaffee & kuchen (coffee & cake).  K and I ended up trading the coffee for prosecco, I mean we were on vacation!

Daddies and their girls.

Later that evening we set out to find a rarity in Germany…good Mexican food.  I had seen several people recommend this restaurant on some local Facebook groups so we decided to give it a go.  And we were not disappointed!  This place was delicious and probably tasted even more delicious after not eating Mexican food for almost two years.

Margaritas & Coronas, yum!

On the way back home we stopped to try to get a photo with some of the light displays that were up through the city for the Festival of Lights.  There were many different lighting displays on various buildings and landmarks.  The city was crawling with photographers, amateurs and professionals alike.  It took us a few tries but we were finally able to snap a decent shot, we’re still working on our night photography :).