Crazy Train to Berlin

It was time for another four day getaway, this time with our good friends R, K, and Baby E.  This was our first trip together since Morocco and our first one all together with the babies!  We bought our train tickets 90 days in advance, getting us a great deal on prices.  We thought the train … Continue reading Crazy Train to Berlin

Last Day in Berlin

Our time in Berlin was coming to a close, and this is how we spent our final day.  We walked over to the “Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe”  the site dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust.  The art installation that sits on this city block is made up of concrete blocks, each … Continue reading Last Day in Berlin

Berlin Walking Tour

On our second day in Berlin, the six of us set out on a walking tour of the city.  We started out near Museum Island, which my husband and I were quite familiar with from the day before.  Our guide Darren was an Irish post-grad student studying German history here in Berlin.  He was a … Continue reading Berlin Walking Tour

Sights of Berlin

Our first full day in Berlin began without a particular plan.  My husband & I decided to head over toward Museum Island to check it out.  The Berlin Cathedral or Berliner Dom is also over in that area.  As you can see it was a very overcast and misty day, but still pleasant enough to … Continue reading Sights of Berlin

Schloss Hohenzollern

On our drive back from Munich we stopped at a castle outside of Stuttgart.  It was recommended to us by our real estate agent over here-thanks Doris! Hohenzollern Castle Walking up the spiral driveway, cars really do drive up this thing. Statues of former kings. The castle tour was great!  This castle is actually still … Continue reading Schloss Hohenzollern

Munich Bike Tour & Dachau

We left Rothenburg and started on our way to Dachau, the concentration camp memorial site outside of Munich.  As you can imagine, visiting the site is a combination of sadness, horror, and astonishment.  They have done an amazing job putting together exhibits and explanations in the museum that take you from the beginnings of the … Continue reading Munich Bike Tour & Dachau

Christmas Markets

In Germany, right after Thanksgiving begins the anticipated Christmas Market season.  Cities all over Germany have festivals to celebrate the season.  Last year we visited Cologne and Dusseldorf for their Christmas Markets.  This year we stuck with some smaller more local villages.  The first was Bernkastel-Keus.  We had visited earlier in the year for a … Continue reading Christmas Markets

Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival

The month of October was full of pumpkin festivities for us in Germany.  We started out the month by a rainy trip to the local pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.  I actually went to this pumpkin patch last year with my Pre-K class.  It’s the only pumpkin patch in our local area.  They … Continue reading Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival

Visting Neuschwanstein

Written about our 2 separate visits to Neuschwanstein. After a little bit of a slow start the morning after Munich, we hit the road and drove south about 2 hours to Schwangau, Germany.  This is the site of 2 castles, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.  Neuschwanstein was built in the 1800’s by King Ludwig II of Bavaria … Continue reading Visting Neuschwanstein

Bike Tour Through Munich

n honor of Oktoberfest, I found this post about our first visit to Munich in 2012.  It centers around the bike tour we did.  Bike tours are common in big European cities and I highly recommend them as a fun way to get an overview of the city you’re visiting! Our next stop on this … Continue reading Bike Tour Through Munich


One of our first weekends in Germany we decided to try out a tour to Heidelberg.  This tour caught our eye because it was also billed as a way to learn about the German train system.  You always hear in the states how cheap it is to travel in Europe and to just get a … Continue reading Heidelberg

Wildparks in Germany

One of the fun things to do where we lived in Germany was to visit the local wildparks.  A wildpark is similar to a zoo, but more local and tame animals than wild animals like lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!).  They are fairly small, and you are able to feed most of the animals.  Sometimes you … Continue reading Wildparks in Germany