Borjomi was our middle stop on our trip through Georgia. Borjomi lies in the mountains and has been a very popular resort town. We went from cool, almost warm weather in Batumi to a dusting of snow in Borjomi. We stayed at the Crown Plaza which was a very nice hotel close to Borjomi Central Park. The hotel had a pool, restaurant, and even a children’s play room that normally staffs caregivers allowing you to drop your child off. The caregivers were not working while we were staying there but they did let me into the room to let my kids play for a little while which was much appreciated when the weather was bad.

BorjomiabroadwifeThe first day we were there it snowed a little. We walked around outside, saw a small street market, played on some outdoor toys, and then went back inside for meals and nap time. In the picture below, the hanging colorful things are called churchkhela. They are strings of nuts that have been dipped in thickened fruit juice. Churchkhela is a very popular Georgian dessert, you will see them for sale all over. It’s a must try item, but in all honesty they weren’t my fave (sorry Georgia)!


Perusing the market.

Very close to the hotel was Borjomi Central Park. For a small entrance fee you can go inside and enjoy the park which has several playgrounds, carnival type rides during summer, and lots of area to walk and enjoy the outside. There is also a cable car that will take you up to a plateau where there is a ferris wheel. We spent almost a whole day here once the snow melted and we got some nice weather.


Borjomi Central Park.

The park was wonderful and very empty while we were there likely due to the off season. There were several different playgrounds, little playhouses, and lots of walking paths. There were also a few carnival style rides, they weren’t in operation yet. I think they open the rides up in May for the summer season. I saw what looked like outdoor seating and a beer garden as well. We enjoyed our day in the park, but I can imagine how much more fun it would be in the summer when the weather is warm and there’s many more people out and about.


Little houses for kids to play in.


One of the coolest playscapes I’ve seen! It was a huge, two-story pirate ship with these little life boats hanging off the upper level.


Huge pirate ship playscape right next to a waterfall.


One of their favorite activities ended up being just watching the river.


This is not the famous spring water of Borjomi but that didn’t stop them from trying to drink and play in it!

A notable thing about Borjomi is the natural spring water! Many people believe it is healing and good for your health to drink. There is a fountain in the park where you can taste this special water. It is near the turquoise archway pictured above. There is four sided fountain with several spigots dispensing the spring water. You will find vendors outside the park selling empty bottles so you can fill them up and take home some spring water. We tried it, it is warm and has kind of a funky taste to it. One of my husband’s  Georgian co-workers told us his grandmother used to drag him to Borjomi every year just to drink this water (and he always hated it). There is a bottled spring water company called Borjomi, you might be able to find at specialty grocery stores in the U.S. In Georgia and Ukraine, you can find it everywhere. It’s supposedly a good hangover cure. We had cab drivers handing us bottles on New Year’s Day in Kyiv.


We enjoyed seeing quaint Borjomi. Even in the off season we found enough to keep us entertained for a couple days. I am very curious to see what it’s like in the summer because we were told it has a whole different feel at that time of year. Georgia has something to offer everyone, beaches, mountains, and charming cities. See my post on Batumi to read a little about the beach resort town and my post on Tbilisi to read about the capital city!

Borjomi, Georgia