Last month we were able to get away for about a week to France.  We have been trying to do trips where we’re able to drive because it’s so much easier to be able to pack as much as you want rather than worry about baggage restrictions on an airplane.  We started out on a Thursday night driving halfway to Normandy.  We stayed at a small family-run B&B in the Champagne country between Reims and Paris.  This was our first time to stay at a B&B instead of a hotel.  We had a great experience.   Our room was huge, the family was very sweet and accommodating.  We were the only people there so the experience was very personal.  This is a picture of our wonderful breakfast that was laid out when we woke up.

Well, what was left of our breakfast after we devoured it I suppose.  There was a full, fresh baguette on the table, a croissant for each of us, a huge wedge of brie, homemade jams, our own pots of coffee, and fresh orange juice.  So delicious!

 The Brie we had at breakfast was from a local area, Meaux.  It comes in a huge wheel, almost the size of a car tire, no joke.

A family pic in front of the B&B before getting back on the road.

We loved our stay there, and actually we got to see it for a second time on our way back home because I accidentally left my iphone there!!  Not exactly the way I would’ve liked to go back, but thank goodness the owners found it and saved it for me!

Before this trip I associated Normandy only with the D-Day invasion during World War II, however we were able to experience some other aspects to the region.  The first place we went was Honfleur.  It was an old Nordic fishing village.  Today it is a cute, colorful town full of charming restaurants, calvados (apple brandy), hard cider, and caramel.

Seaside Carousel
Daddy posing with baby girl, it will be a little while longer before she’s able to ride the carousel

We really enjoyed the day here.  We ate delicious foods-salad with goat cheese toast, mussels, and a Speculoos crepe.  Yum!  We shopped around, and visited an old church made of wood and designed to look like a ship inside.  A nice, relaxed day to start out our vacation!