Eiffel Tower & Sacre Coeur

Going to Paris in August was fabulous.  There is one major perk to driving there this time of year…street parking is free on most streets!  This is normally unheard-of in Paris.  Parking in the city is typically very expensive, so we were very happy that we were able to park near our hotel on the street and not have to pay a dime!  We stayed in Montmartre, so our first stop was the Sacre Coeur or “sacred heart” basilica.  While the exterior is gorgeous, I thought the interior was even more lovely.  I have to say I was blown away by the interior of this church.  I thought it was stunning, and possibly my favorite thus far.  It is covered in beautiful mosaics.  None of the pictures I found online (you can’t take pictures inside) do it any justice, but in person it’s beautiful!

Sacre Coeur

lots of visitors, vendors, and scam artists hanging out up here

Mom, Me, and Sister

Next stop was the Eiffel Tower or “Tour Eiffel” in French.  We took the metro, which is a great and easy way to get around Paris.  We got off at the Trocadero stop (at the recommendation of my favorite travel guide) and were met with a stunning view of the tower.  You know it’s going to be big, but it was surprising how massive the structure really is.

We had tickets reserved (always make a reservation) so we were able to skip the long and winding line for tickets, and we got to go right up!  We only went up to the second level.  Even from there the view is impressive.

View of the Sacre Coeur from the Eiffel Tower.
Checking out the sights.
Napoleon’s burial site.

 We went at the perfect time, around sunset.  You get to see the tower with daylight and then you can come down grab a bite to eat and see it sparkling in the dark.  Thanks again Rick for a great suggestion!

One more view of the tower at night.