Day Trip to Wissembourg, France

Wissembourg, France

Our next outing was just across the border to Wissembourg, France.  We again took the train down.  It’s only about an hour and half train ride from where we live.   This is one of the great things about where we live-you can be in another country in just over an hour!  It was such a cute little town and we really lucked out with great weather while we were down there.

Figuring out where to go…

While wandering the town we passed a delicious looking patisserie.  The pastry shops in France are amazing.  Everything in there is so perfect and looks so good!

I’ll have one of each, merci!

One of the canals running through the town.
That’s a little restaurant sitting over the canal, definitely want to go back there for dinner sometime.
Bonjour ladies!
This little guy was enjoying the sun too.
Spring flowers
Croque Monsieur, a delicious French version of a grilled cheese sandwich.

We walked over to the church after lunch to check it out.  Not sure if you’re picking up a theme here but there are a ton of castles and churches in Europe.

Rose window (thank you very much high school humanities class, I knew you’d come in handy someday!)

After the church we had a plan.  It was to get some macarons (because you can’t go to France and not get macarons) and then walk to a place where we could rent bikes and ride to a nearby winery before catching the train home.  The first part of the plan was a success…

Easter chocolates, so cute!
The ever-so-popular macarons!  I had never had one before, but let me assure you, they are all they’re cracked up to be!

Next part of the plan did not go so well.  We walked quite a ways to a bike shop that we thought rented bikes.   So, we get to the bike shop and find out they don’t rent bikes until May!  On to the back up plan.  We ask for a taxi number and use broken French to have a taxi for 8 meet us at the McDonald’s across the street.  So on our trip to a quaint French village, we ended up hanging out at the Golden Arches for a while!

Come on cab, rescue us from McDonald’s! 
We made it to the winery! We drove through beautiful vineyards to get here.

This is the Cleebourg winery, they were so wonderful. Very friendly, and gave us a lot of information.  We got to watch a little video (in a heavy French accent) about the Alsace wine region of France.  Then we did a tasting of some of their wines.  Check out their website HERE.

The screening room.
Ready for the tasting!

Our last tasting, sparkling wine!

We all bought a couple bottles of wine, one or two of which may have been opened on the train home.  Hey, we’re on vacation, right?

Wissembourg was a wonderful little day trip.  A cute town, french cuisine, and wine.  What’s not to love?