Chateau Villandry

These pictures were actually from our stay in Caen, but I forgot to post them in that entry…oops!  I had to share though because I’ve never seen anything like this.  We went to eat at an Italian restaurant, and Hubby ordered a pasta dish with some sort of cheese sauce.  When they brought the food out, they brought a whole butler’s cart with the pasta in a pan and a giant wheel of Parmesan cheese.  The chef put some sauce and the pasta right onto the block of cheese and stirred it around on there for 5 minutes or so.  While he was making it the cheese was melting right into the pasta.  It was amazing!

OK, back to our last chateau.  We decided to visit Villandry because it was known for its gardens.  The gardens were my favorite part about Versailles so I thought it would be fun to see this place.  The gardens were pretty impressive, though after you see Versailles, not much can compare to that.  But we had a nice afternoon at Villandry walking around and enjoying the grounds.

That was it for our trip to France!  We had a wonderful time, and our little girl has been such a good traveler so far.  She’s made it very easy on us.  We love being able to bring her with us wherever we go!