We spent a long weekend in the French Alps in 2014.  Along with two other couples, we stayed in a little chalet in a small town just outside Chamonix, France.  The drive down took around 6 hours.  Our route took us down through Switzerland and around Lake Geneva (which was beautiful).  The nighttime drive up the mountain was a little scary but luckily, there wasn’t much snow on the road.

During the day most of the group hit the slopes, but my good friend K and I took the babies into town instead.  We had fun wandering through the streets, stopping in shops and cafes.

Our yummy lunch of fondue and pizza!

One afternoon we went up to an Alpine luge.  It was similar to the one Hubby rode in Switzerland, but this one was on a metal track-like a roller coaster.  It had twists and turns and was built up high off the ground.  We took turns with R and K watching the babies so that both parents could have a ride.  Then Hubby decided to take Baby Girl outside the lodge for a bit.  She thought it was really fun to put her face and tongue all over the window-yuck!

The two cutest little pink bears I’ve ever seen!

Admittedly, I’m not much of a skier. I didn’t have a great first experience and don’t have a desire to try again yet. I know this is a world class skiing destination, and I’m sorry I can’t say more about that. But I can say that the town and area are very enjoyable even for us non-snow athletes! We enjoyed playing in the snow and wandering the town. It was a relaxing weekend for us. Lake Geneva really made us all stop and stare when we drove by, at some point I’m hoping to go back and enjoy that area more. What’s your favorite ski town to visit?