Caen & Mont St. Michel

Our last day in Normandy we spent between 2 places, the Caen Memorial and Mont St. Michel.  The Caen Memorial is a museum detailing World War II.  It is an encapsulating museum, we could’ve easily spent all day in there.  There were informative films, and expansive exhibits about almost every part of the war you could think of.

Sculpture outside the memorial.

 In the afternoon, we drove out to Mont St. Michel.  A small island with an impressive abbey built upon it.  Unfortunately there was a strike going on while we were there and the abbey was closed early, so we weren’t able to go in.  There’s really not much else to the island except a narrow street packed with tourist shops and restaurants.  It was disappointing to not be able to go in, but still quite impressive to see from the outside.


We came, we saw (from the outside).

This was baby girl’s first time in her Ergo, you can see her little arms and legs poking out.  She’s become a big fan of it, and I have to say I am too!  It’s super comfortable and she usually goes right to sleep.  Happy baby=happy parents 🙂