Roaring Camp Railroads


If you live within an hour of Felton, CA and have little ones that like trains, this is the place for you! Just about 45 min-1 hour away from where we live is Roaring Camp Railroads. It is a popular place to go for a steam train ride. We’ve heard about it since we arrived in Monterey, but just recently made it up there. We hemmed and hawed about whether to do it or not (the tickets aren’t exactly cheap) and we weren’t sure if our daughter would get much out of it. Recently we had a group of friends that wanted to do it, so we jumped on the bandwagon and decided to do it too.

There are different options of train rides. The one we did was a 90 minute round trip ride through the redwood forest. There is also an option that takes you out to the Santa Cruz boardwalk and back. They do various other special rides throughout the year too like holiday rides and Thomas the Train rides.

When we arrived at the station, I was surprised to see how many buildings were there. There was a ticket booth, a general store, and several little play houses and photo cut outs for kids to play with. Plenty to entertain the littles while you wait for the train.

The train itself was open air, meaning no roof over your head. It makes for a great view, but a chilly ride, so bundle up! We boarded the train and off we went! We chose the first car, right behind the engine. The kids were all very excited and loved riding the train and hearing the whistle. We rode 45 minutes through the woods up to a little stop where we got off with just enough time for a potty break and some pictures before heading back down to the main station. There was also some entertaining narration, giving us the history of the area and pointing out special things along the ride.

Everyone really had a fun time and we were glad we forked out the money to do it (about $75 for 3 tickets). The kids all loved it and talked about it for days afterward. After our ride was over, we hung out near the station. Our friend bought some duck food and we went over to the pond to feed the ducks. Some kids like ducks, and then there are kids like my daughter who think it’s normal to try to pick the ducks up to hold them, as if they were her pets. Yikes, don’t forget the hand sanitizer!

After we had exhausted our duck feed supplies, we stopped into the nearby town of Felton for lunch. We ate at The Cremer House. I would happily eat there again anytime! The food was great, and they also brew their own beers and artisanal sodas. The one I had was Grapefruit Mint-yum! We sat on the patio and munched on burgers, sandwiches, pretzels and fries.

Check out the website for Roaring Camp Railroads HERE. And if you’re looking for a good place to eat when you’re up there, stop by The Cremer House.