Gilroy Gardens

About 45 minutes north from where we live is Gilroy Gardens, an amusement and water park.  We took our little peanut there to celebrate her 2nd birthday.  I thought the park was great for her age, she could ride most of the rides and was even able to get on some by herself (which she loved but I was a little unsure about).  Unfortunately the water park areas were not open when we went, but should be opening in the next few weeks.  It was surprisingly not very crowded for a warm Saturday.  The wait times for most of the rides we wanted to do was very short.  Some of the roller coasters and the boat rides had longer waits I believe.  The crowds probably increase as the summer hits but we were able to get through a lot and even repeat rides because of the short waits.  The other nice thing about this park was how shaded it was.  It can get pretty warm in Gilroy so it was wonderful to have shade over the lines and much of the park.

If this park was closer and I wasn’t pregnant I would definitely get a season pass, but I’m just not sure how often I would get up there and how much fun it would be for me to chase little girl around as I enter the final months of pregnancy.  All in all we had a very fun and full day at the park.  So fun that this little girl didn’t nap or want to get in her stroller at all the whole day!


Carousel ride


Driving the firetruck


Cruising in the race car


High-fives for hot air balloon rides!


Hands up!


The lush lake full of swan boats


Who’s ready to ride an artichoke?

The very popular goldfish ride

The very popular goldfish ride

Spinning around!

Spinning around!

Check out the Gilroy Gardens website for information on ticket prices and attractions.