Our time in Amsterdam matched up with a holiday weekend, so after we left there we drove a few hours southwest to Brugge, Belgium.  We’ve heard many people rave about the town so we were anxious to see it for ourselves.  It’s a town that has preserved a lot of the medieval style of buildings.  It’s very picturesque with the canals and old style charm.  Stealing some of that charm are the hoards of tourists and tourist shops.  You can definitely feel that that’s how Brugge makes their economy run.  However, it may just be the time of year since Europe is approaching the tourism high season.  Either way, we still had fun and enjoyed seeing it.

Bell tower in Markt Square

We took a canal cruise to see the town.  There are canal tours all over, and the tickets are pretty cheap.  The guide spoke 3 languages on our tour and I wouldn’t be surprised if he could speak more.

going under a bridge

door that leads right to the water

 We passed a street market that we later went back to.  Check out the phonogram!  We were tempted to take that one home with us 🙂

lots of swans and ducks

 This beautiful church houses the only Michelangelo statue to leave Italy (at least that’s what the guidebooks say).  We saw it, it’s a small statue of Mary holding Jesus.  Couldn’t get too close to it though because there was a service going on.

We stopped at the only brewery in town still making its own beer, the Brugge Zot.  We were too late for the tour but still enjoyed sampling it!

I never knew this before but Belgium is known for their beer making.  Brugge has a beer wall that has each type of beer made in Belgium.

the beer wall, oooh…aaahhh…

We were supposed to have a bike tour out into the countryside, but our guide never showed up!  Major disappointment, because when we drove in, the villages on the outside of town looked so cute!  Overall Hubby liked the town much more than I did.  I thought it was pretty but I felt like the town was a little bit too touristy (maybe that sounds a little snobby).  It’s a great place to walk around and look at your surroundings but there’s not much more going on.  However, we had fun and enjoyed the time to relax and explore together 🙂