Nest Notes: Keeping Childhood Memories

I received a set of Year of You books for free in return for posting about them. I genuinely love them and wouldn’t recommend them to you if I didn’t!

How do you capture childhood? Pictures, keeping school work, interviews, art projects? In our minimalist/constantly moving lifestyle I don’t have the patience for keeping countless odd-sized art projects but still want a way to bottle up the precious age my children are at. This is why I’m so in love with Nest Notes!


These Year of You series books are the perfect, compact way to keep memories of your child. Each set contains 4 books with different writing and drawing prompts. My daughter has loved working on her books. There’s an assortment of different ideas and topics for her to think about. Everything from basic information about her to things like “draw your dream bedroom”. I love that it has simple things like tracing her hand and foot. She loves getting to write down silly things like her favorite joke and what she would wish for with a genie. It is a fun way to get a little peek inside her mind and see her personality come out.


I love the size of the books, and how they come with a drawstring bag to store them in. I think they will be very easy to store as we pack up our things and move every few years. They are also the perfect size for traveling and would make a perfect entertainment solution for road trips, airplanes, and down time at a hotel. There are also some travel related pages in the books which I’m a sucker for!


I was also impressed by the quality of the design. I love the gentle muted colors and there are 16 cover designs to choose from. The paper is a nice heavy weight, and the illustrations inside are lovely. If you are looking for a stylish way to preserve memories, you’ll love these!


I have no doubt she will love to continue working on her Nest Notes books as time goes on. We will love having these to pull out, look back on, and show her when she’s older. They are like little yearbooks she can create herself! Nest Notes also makes charming posters for baby’s first year! They are adorable and would make a perfect baby shower gift. You can see all of their designs at

Tell me, how do you preserve your children’s memories?