This post was written in 2013 about the beginning of our trip to Switzerland.

A few weeks ago we set out on a 10 day trip down to Switzerland.  On our way we stopped to see a friend of mine from college.  Yes, I know…small world!  A friend who I lived in the dorms with is now living a few hours away from us in Germany!  What are the odds?  She along with her husband and sweet little boy hosted us in their home near the Bodensee or Lake Constance, which borders Switzerland, for two nights.

While we were there Friedrichshafen was having their annual Seehasenfest.  Apparently the”seehasen” is black and white bunny that comes from the lake?  Don’t ask, I don’t know.  The celebration was started after WWII to bring some joy and fun to the children of the area.  Friedrichshafen had been largely bombed and destroyed.  So for all these years there has been a parade in which all the school children from 1st grade up through high school participate in.

1st graders from one of the schools.  See the seehasen in the middle of the hula hoops?

All the 1st graders wear these bunny ears, but each school has them wear different outfits.  Apparently the city keeps all these costumes and hands them out to the schools each year.  The older grades all dress thematically in different costumes as well.

The king of the festival on his tractor-pulled float.
Little blue flowers.
Little bees.

There were also several bands marching in the parade.  This parade was very long and the amount of participation was really surprising.  It seems like people are really invested in the parade.  We thought it was surprising because we don’t normally see the same level of participation in parades back in the states.  I don’t know, maybe we just haven’t gone to enough parades.

All the bands were dressed up too, many of them in “musketeer-esque” outfits.
Reunited after years!
Our families by the lake.
View of Friedrichshafen.

We had so much fun seeing the parade and walking around the festival.  Our night finished off with a delicious dinner overlooking the area.  This area was gorgeous, and it was lovely being by the lake.  We would love to go back again, or to have our friends come up and stay with us!

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