Preparing for the Next Adventure

When we found out we were moving to Germany, we were ecstatic.  It was our first choice of available options, and it seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime, neither one of us had been to Europe before.  It was our chance to explore and take in all the continent has to offer.  We also knew it would be temporary.  We would eventually return to the U.S. This took a little bit of the fear factor away.  It would just be a one time fun adventure we would get to experience as newlyweds without children.  While we were living there, a few things changed.  We started our family and we made a career shift that would take us into a lifestyle where living abroad would become the new normal.

Many of our friends and some members of our family have a hard time relating to why on earth we would want this lifestyle.  There’s many reasons behind it.  Most of all is the idea of taking opportunities to see and do things you would’ve never imagined you would do!  Do we like being far away from the people we love-of course not. But I don’t know that either of us would have been totally fulfilled by settling down into one place just yet. We’ve been bitten by the travel and adventure bug and there’s so much out there to see and do. Besides, I think neither of us is quite sure exactly where we would want to put down permanent roots yet.

Since we have been in California, we have known that we will eventually be returning to Europe, we just were not sure exactly where we would end up.  It’s been always in the back of our minds.  We’ve been toying with different scenarios and possibilities.  Musing of what might be, and wondering when we would know for sure.

Well, we found out where the next stop in our crazy abroad life will be.  There’s a mix of emotions happening.  Excitement for the possibilities.  Relief that other expats have good things to say about this city and country.  Fear for the unknown. Nervousness about a new language and new culture. And also managing the fears, questions, and expectations of friends and family.

So what’s next?  We have almost a year to prepare, so how do you start?  With Google, Facebook, and Pinterest!  Researching, reading articles, message boards, finding people to reach out to.  Right now we are gathering big picture pieces of information.  As time goes on the questions will become more specific.  We will also eventually need to work on updating passports, medical checks, and deciding what household items will come along and which will stay behind.

And though it’s sort of mean to throw this out there without revealing where we are going (although close family and friends have already been told), I’m going to hold off for now as our plans have already changed once. Yep, we found out where we were going, started researching, and already it has changed. So as the move closes in, and things become more firmed up I will share.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for the Next Adventure

  1. tupastravel says:

    Well said! 🙂 “…managing the fears, questions, and expectations of friends and family.” That’s a big part of it… it’s not just our immediate family that moves overseas; it’s all the questions and worries from everyone else that follow you there! Blogging helps to keep everyone informed, but so does talking to good friends who are in your shoes and “get it”. 🙂


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