Quick Getaway to Palm Springs

Over the weekend the hubby and I had a chance to jet down to Palm Springs, CA for a wedding of two dear friends.  We opted to leave the little lady behind with Grandma (this is the first time we’ve done that).  It was exciting and sad at the same time.  I knew she would be fine with Grandma, who is plenty capable.   I still worried though, maybe more for Grandma than for little girl.  Two year olds come with tantrums and meltdowns, I am used to it, but poor Grandma is not!

Either way, we were off.  An early flight out of San Jose down to Ontario.  I have not traveled without our little one in two years-since she was born.  I forgot what it’s like to travel so footloose and fancy free!  All I had to tote through the airport was a half empty purse-purse, not diaper bag!  I felt naked, like I was forgetting something.  Ahh how nice it was!


With no toddler to entertain, I could even do a sudoku puzzle!

The flight was quick and easy, and once there we picked up our rental car and started driving the remaining hour to Palm Springs.  We stayed at the Riviera Palm Springs, where the wedding would be held.  The Riviera has a beautiful lobby, a couple different pool areas and lots of vintage-glam.  Upon arriving, we quickly changed into swim suits and met up with the wedding crowd out at the pool.

IMG_0966The hotel had a Vegas pool party vibe.  The main pool had more of a party atmosphere than the smaller pool which was more family friendly.  If you’re looking for the party scene, this is your place.  If you’re looking for a quiet spa-like atmosphere you may want to look elsewhere.  The food we ordered at the pool bar, though pricey was pretty good.  That evening after getting cleaned up, we took the hotel’s private trolley bus over to a house where the rehearsal dinner was being held.  Plenty of tacos, flamingo straws, and good times were had by all!

The next morning the hubby and I decided to walk to a nearby diner for breakfast, Rick’s Restaurant & Bakery.  Food was delicious, they were big portions, and much less expensive than the hotel restaurant.

Corned beef hash, french toast, and a cup of joe

Corned beef hash, french toast, and a cup of joe.

Pretty fountain on the walk to and from Rick's

Pretty fountain on the walk to and from Rick’s.

After a nice little walk back, it was time to visit the bride and bridal party in her beautiful suite.  I studied the makeup artists to see what products they were using and how they were contouring the girls’ faces.  Not sure I have what it takes to master that each day but it was fun to watch!  I let the girls get back to their prepping and went back out to the small pool for a couple hours.  The pool service was taking a while to bring out food to our friends, so we decided to run out and grab a quick bite before it was time to shower up for the wedding.

Not too shabby

Not too shabby.

We ended up going to a strip of shops and restaurants along Palm Canyon Drive.  We opted for a patio restaurant named Greek Islands.  Our food was tasty, and the patio reminded us of being back in Europe, though we never actually made it to Greece…sigh.  It’s on the list for next time!

greekThe crowning jewell of the afternoon was a few more blocks down from Greek Islands, the #1 restaurant according to TripAdvisor… Great Shakes!  A place devoted solely to frozen treats, this was my happy place.  Great Shakes boasts a menu of 25 different milkshake flavors including classics like chocolate and strawberry, as well as some more unique flavors like pistachio, white chocolate lavender, and date.  There is a reason the line is out the door to pay $6.50 for a milkshake, they are yummy!

Heath bar with caramel swirl & peanut butter cup!

Heath bar with caramel swirl & peanut butter cup!

That would conclude our free time in Palm Springs.  That evening we attended our friends’ beautiful wedding in a garden at the Riviera.  It was a joy to watch them marry, and to sit by my husband hand in hand as we remembered our own wedding.  The dinner and desserts were fabulous and included a gorgeous wedge salad, raspberry sorbet, and tender beef short ribs.  The reception space was elegantly decorated with colorful flowers, sequined table runners, and a chandelier to die for.  I did my best to get out on the floor and dance with the bride, but my baby bump decided I was over doing it and I didn’t make it through too many songs.  It was back home for us the next morning.  I wish we could’ve stayed longer to enjoy our friends’ company more, but am so thankful to have been a part of a wonderful wedding weekend!

Where are your favorite places in Palm Springs?

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