California Livin’

I feel as if I should start at the beginning.  So why “abroad wife” when we aren’t abroad?  Well, we just returned from 3 years abroad and will be going back overseas in a little over a year.  We had a blog for the years we were in Germany to help keep friends and family in the loop.  I’ve since taken it down because I felt it could use some improvement.  My intention is to edit those old posts (mostly about our travel in Europe) and re-post them here.  So there may be some throw back  travel posts here in the near future. For now I will give a little update as to our lives on the Monterey Peninsula.

We’ve been in California for a few months and are finally settled and into the groove of daily life.  There was a long transition waiting for a car, and all of our household items to arrive.  Now my husband is fully into his job, the house is put together, and life is resuming into “normal” or our new normal.  We love the coastal location here.  We are surrounded by beautiful ocean views, a sleepy main street, and all kinds of wildlife.  On a regular basis we see deer, hummingbirds, monarch butterflies, woodpeckers, squirrels, harbor seals, sea lions, otters, and a big wild looking house cat who roams the neighborhood.


Since the weather is a bit more sunny in California, we find ourselves going for a lot of walks, spending time at the beach, going to parks, and enjoying our big backyard.  The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a favorite hangout of our Sweet Daughter.  She loves the fish, sharks, and otters.  Luckily for us, it is close enough to walk to and we can pop in anytime now that we are members!


Our daughter is still getting used to the beach.  She hates to stand on the sand.  Most of the time she will only stand on the sand wearing her rain boots, and even that is a hard sell sometimes.  A few nights ago we had a breakthrough and she spent the evening scampering through the sand in her socks.  She likes to be held and taken to look in the tide pools for starfish and “baby crabs”.


So that’s a little look into our lives right now.  Looking forward to more outdoor adventures here and exploring more of the central California coast.  If anyone has any “must sees” or “dos” in the area, please feel free to share!

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